UTM Exam Jam

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Exam Jam: 2020-2021

Thank you for joining us during our Fall (Dec 2020)  and Winter (April 2021), virtual Exam Jams! 

Exam Jam offers activities, strategies and resources to help you prep for exams while prioritizing your wellness. This event is brought to you by the collective efforts of our UTM community. We will be back with more updates and information in the Fall of 2021. 

For now, check out our previous Exam Jam Schedules, additional resources and information below! 

April 2021 Exam Jam included: 

Virtual Academic Review Sessions

Course-specific, instructor-led academic review sessions to help you prepare for your exams. A list of course offered is available here. 

Virtual Wellness-Inspired Activities 

Connect + Move + Play + Create + Recharge Your Way to Exam Success.

Exam Jam featured tons of opportunities to take a healthy study break by helping you to connect  move, play, create and recharge. Scheduling in time for a healthy break is essential for student success as it can help to reduce stress and improve performance.

Click here for April 9th's 2021 healthy study breaks schedule 
Click here for April 12th's 2021 healthy study breaks schedule 

A new platform

The Exam Jam April 2021 schedule was shared on a new platform called Acadiate. Start off in our Exam Jam Lobby, and click through each day to see course options and healthy study breaks all in one place (including the times/links of sessions). Your Exam Jam Lobby is here


Technology Tips for UTM's Exam Jam

Here are some tips to help you get ready to participate in Exam Jam: 

  • For any zoom links, we recommend that you download the latest version of Zoom, and log in using a desktop application.
  • Many sessions may have the opportunity to participate by using computer audio (speaker or headset) or to telephone in. It is recommended that you use computer audio and not telephone to avoid charges.
  • For accessing virtual sessions, it is recommended that you use a wired connection/WiFi to participate within your “home internet” plan allowances. If you are using a data plan, charges may apply.

Why Attend Exam Jam?

As you finish the Fall term and start preparing for Exams, our Exam Jam event is here to support you.

Between your review and study sessions you can engage in virtual, wellness-inspired activities like meditation, yoga, arts & crafts, board games and fitness classes. Full schedule will be available soon.  

This UTM-wide event continues to grow each year, making it one of the largest annual events for UTM students. Each Exam Jam, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs join efforts to support you during this stressful time of year.

96% of surveyed participants would recommend Exam Jam to a friend, while 97% of surveyed participating instructors feel the event helps prepare students for exams.

Earn a CCR Notation!

Students who participate in Exam Jam are eligible to receive a notation on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR). 

To receive the CCR notation, Students must attend a minimum of one (1) virtual academic review session, one (1) virtual wellness session, and complete an online CCR Form here which includes the opportunity for reflection. This form is live for April 2021 Exam Jam participants. 

Please note: To ensure validity of responses, all entries will be cross-referenced with the actual attendance/ viewing of the eligible sessions. 

This experience is approved on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)! Links to the ccr website.

Additional Resources 

1. For expert tips/strategies and key resources check out the Ultimate Exam Jam Survival Guide from our December 2020 Exam Jam! Please note, that the live sessions in this guide are inactive. 

2. Exam Prep: Tips, techniques and resources of studying during physical distancing. This webinar took place live on Friday, April 3, 2020, at 3:00 PM.  The slides and script are available below if you missed it!


Clerissa Albores
Student Engagement Event Coordinator