New to CSE Opportunities

We're Hiring #SeeYouInYellow

If you are interested in working with the CSE during the next academic year scroll to learn more about potential opportunities and how to apply. Application deadline is January 25 @ 11:59PM EST. 

LAUNCH Academic Internship 

If you are interested in being a LAUNCH Leader – please apply through the CSE New application process (New to CSE: CLNx  230337). Complete the process as presented – and make sure the select the "yes" box during the form that says “Are you interested in being a LAUNCH Leader" to be considered. 

Types of Work-Study Opportunities 

The CSE offers over 70 unique work-study opportunities, that encourage career exploration and professional growth. Here are some positions we are currently hiring for:

Communications Assistant 

Communication assistants create, design, and capture visual and video material for CSE programs and events across multiple platforms. Student staff also participate in social media management and planning campus wide marketing campaigns.

Student Groups Assistant 

Student Group Support roles provide outreach, assistance and training to student organizations. They also develop innovative and interactive outreach initiatives with the goal of building relationships with clubs and student societies on campus. 

Engagement Events Assistant

Engagement Events Assistants participate in the creation, organization and implementation of on-campus programming and events. Some examples include Orientation, Exam Jam, and Engaging Faculty Events. 

Co-Curricular Assistant 

Co-curricular assistants promote the importance of getting involved outside the classroom. They also provide support to students who have questions about CCR and focus on communication, collaboration and community building at UTM. 

Inclusion Assistant 

Inclusion assistants cultivate a sense of belonging for marginalized students and provide support at UTM. They prioritize fostering a strong on campus community with a specific emphasis on first year support, by providing open communication channels and peer support initiatives. 

How to Apply

Job ID's 

  • New to CSE: CLNx  230337

Application Steps 

  1. Log on to CLNx.
  2. On the menu, go to: Jobs & Recruitment > On-Campus Jobs.
  3. Under the "Search Posting" section, search for the specific Job ID (available above) 
  4. Click "Apply" at the top, under the posting title and have your documents ready!
  5. Complete the Microsoft form application 
  6. Submit your completed application!

Apply Now 


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