Peer Mentorship

The Peer Mentorship Program is open to all students regardless of year and area of study! Through this program, you will be matched with a peer mentor - a current undergraduate student leader within the Centre for Student Engagement. Our mentors have valuable insight into the UTM experience, how to get involved on campus, and knowledge of UTM supports, services and resources.  

This program has both virtual and in person components. Through our online mentorship platform, you will have the opportunity to make connections with fellow mentees and mentors both in the Peer Mentorship program and in other UTM mentorship programs. Through in-person components, people will have a chance to make connections and socialize with mentees and mentors.

How do I take part?

Registration for the program on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will begin matching in early September. Once you're matched, you will receive an invite to our online mentorship platform where you will connect virtually with your mentor and have access to a network of fellow mentees and mentors!

To stay in the program, make sure to connect with your mentor within the first two weeks of being on the platform.

Program Dates

Why Participate?

Through this program, you have the opportunity to:

  • Receive support and encouragement from mentors
  • Experience personal growth and development
  • You will be part of an online mentorship community with other students in mentorship programs. This is an opportunity to make connections, build relationships and to be part of a community
  • Develop goals, understand your values, and reflect on your experiences
  • Make friends and feel connected to the UTM community

Get CCR Recognized!

This is a Co-Curricular Record-recognized opportunity. CCR requirements for this opportunity are the following:

  • Meet with your mentor five times between September and April
  • Create a mentor-mentee agreement
  • Complete a final reflection survey on the program and your experience
  • Attend at least one program social event

To make the most of this experience, we would recommend that you connect with your mentor every two weeks on our online mentorship platform.


For all questions and feedback regarding the Peer Mentorship program please contact:

Ruthann Bromfield
Peer Mentorship Programmer