What is the CCR?

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) at the University of Toronto is designed to help students find opportunities beyond the classroom and have their skills and experiences captured on an official university document. It can help you:

  • Find out how to get involved on campus and track your progress.
  • Connect your involvement with your career prospects.
  • Build your resume.
  • Build your network.
  • Be more successful in your studies.
  • Get recognized.

Why CCR Matters

CCR opportunities are guaranteed to offer you a skill-building experience. Taking part in skill-developing opportunities is how you acquire experience. As a result, your CCR record becomes a skill-tracking tool. There are 36 skills - known as competencies - that are offered through the Co-Curricular Record which can be found here.

The competencies you develop through a CCR opportunity can be showcased when applying for jobs, internships, scholarships, awards, and further education.

Access the CCR here. Watch the instructional video below for further support on accessing your account:

You can also customize your Co-Curricular Record. Find out how by watching the following video:

How do I know what is CCR recognized?

To find out if an opportunity is CCR recognized, check to see if the activity description mentions CCR or contact the program coordinator of that opportunity and ask. If the CCR approved logo is shown, it means it is CCR. Also, the CCR database has a search function. Here is a list of UTM opportunities that were on the CCR in 2020-2021 as well as for instructions on how to use the search feature of the CCR: CCR opportunities 2020-2021 & Search Instructions

Explore the CCR

Make friends, build skills, explore your passions and find balance. Meet U of T students and alumni who got involved in extra-curricular opportunities on campus. Click on the icons to view their stories!

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Get an opportunity CCR recognized!

The CCR Team is always looking for opportunities to recognize on the CCR. A CCR recognized opportunity is a not-for-credit opportunity that offers training, skill development as per the CCR competency framework, reflection, and clearly outlined responsibilities.

Student groups can receive recognition — learn how here! For all other activities, a Staff or Faculty member would submit an application for their program/opportunity and would be able to take on some additional responsibilities that come with overseeing a CCR opportunity. Visit the Staff & Faculty Support page for information on the approval process. Further FAQs are here


For additional support, all questions and feedback regarding the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), please contact the CCR Team by reaching out to:

Laura Walkling
Student Engagement Coordinator, Leadership, Mentorship & the Co-Curricular Record