CCR Recognition for Student Groups

CCR Recognition for Student Groups. Banner. Two students engaging in conversation.

Student Groups have the opportunity to get student leader positions recognized on an official institutional document, the Co-Curricular Record (CCR).  Having your group CCR approved will help you:

  • with the advertisement and promotion of your group
  • get recognized for your involvement and skill development on an official university transcript that can be used in interviews and applications
  • assist in the transition between the current executive team and incoming executive team
  • receive the support of a UTM staff member and/or faculty member

Process of getting CCR approved

Check out the visual below for step-by-step instructions on how to get your student group CCR approved. Click the image to open a PDF version.

How To Get CCR Recognition for Student Groups. Visual representation of the text below.

1. Ulife Recognition

Visit the Ulife website to view more information on how to get your student group Ulife recognized. Your student group must be ULife recognized before getting CCR recognition.

2. Attend CCR Training

Attending a CCR training is mandatory in order to get Student Leader positions on the CCR. Register and find out more information here.

3. Find a Validator

A validator is a UofT staff or faculty member who will help facilitate your learning process and ensure all students in your group fulfill their positions in order to be recognized on the CCR. Here are some resources that will guide you on how to find a validator. 

The deadline to find a validator is November 20th, 2020The earlier you find a validator, the more time you will have to work on your CCR application. If you struggle with finding a validator beyond this deadline and need support, please email the CCR Team and we will try and assist you.

4. Write a CCR Submission

A CCR submission is a document that explains what your group is and the positions within your group. Student groups can begin the process of submission as soon as a validator has been found. Once you have found a validator and attended a CCR training session, you must email to receive a password for access to the CCR submission page.

Here are the questions you will be asked on the submission form. You must submit an application for every executive position currently filled. Your application will not be approved until you have. If there is more than one person per position, you only need to submit one application for that position (e.g. submit one application for the role of Vice President regardless of how many people fill the role).

5. CCR Submission is sent to the CCR Team

The CCR Team reviews all applications. Edits may be required before an application is approved. A member from the CCR Team will work with your group to support the editing process (i.e. provide the group with edits needed and offer support with the revisions). Once all edits have been made and the submission meets CCR criteria, the application will be approved.

6. Get Validated!

In order to get validated, you must submit a series of documents to your validator. All documents that are needed for CCR validation can be found here. These documents must be submitted to your validator on an annual basis.

7. Timelines

September to November Attend a CCR Training session. 1-2 members of your group must attend.
September -October  Meet with your validator to share your group's goals for the year. Complete the Group Goal Setting Exercise and submit to your validator. This is an annual CCR requirement.
November 20th Deadline to find a validator.
December 4th Deadline to submit your CCR application (or updates if renewing).
January The CCR Team will review your applications and contact your student group to complete the editing process.
February Meet with your validator to provide an update on how your student group is progressing.
March to April Meet with your validator one last time to reflect on the year and to submit all required documentation for CCR validation: one Validation Checklist for the group, and an Individual Tracking Sheet for each member.
April to June Your validator will validate all those who completed the CCR expectations.

8. Get Support

If you require any support at any time during this process, please contact the CCR Team at ccr.utm.utoronto.caRemember to maintain frequent communication with the CCR Team to help ease the process and avoid delays.  

9. CCR Recognition Year 2+

Student groups renew their CCR recognition on an annual basis by completing a 1hr online renewal training every Fall term. The training allows incoming executives to familiarize themselves with the CCR recognition process (I.e. deadlines, important documents, the role of a validator) and provides the student group with the opportunity to removeedit and/or add CCR positions. An email is sent out by the CCR Team to all relevant groups every September.