CCR Recognition for Student Groups

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Student Groups have the opportunity to get student leader positions recognized on an official institutional document, the Co-Curricular Record (CCR).  

Process of getting CCR approved

Check out the visual below for step-by-step instructions on how to get you student group CCR approved. Click the image to open a PDF version.

How To Get CCR Recognition for Student Groups. Visual representation of the text below.

1. Ulife Recognition

Visit the Ulife website here to view more information on how to get your student group Ulife recognized.

2. Attend CCR Training

Attending a CCR training is mandatory in order to get Student Leader positions on the CCR. Here is more information about upcoming CCR training sessions. 

3. Find a Validator

A validator is a UofT staff or faculty member who will help facilitate your learning process and ensure all students in your group fulfill their positions in order to be recognized on the CCR. Here are some resources that will guide you on how to find a validator. 

4. Write a CCR Submission

A CCR submission is a document that explains what your group is and the positions within your group. Student groups can begin the process of submission as soon as a validator has been found. To begin the process, student groups must email to receive a password giving the student group access to the CCR submission page.

If you would like to gain a better idea of the questions asked on this submission form to help you prepare, please click hereA student development officer (SDO) will then edit the submission and ask the student group for revisions. This will continue until the SDO feels the submission meets the criteria set by the CCR Committee.

5. CCR Submission is sent to the CCR Committee

The student development officer (SDO) will send the student group's CCR submission to the CCR Committee. A CCR Committee consists of staff, faculty, and students who meet regularly to review submissions.

6. Get Validated!

In order to get validated, certain documents are required to be submitted to your validator along with a validation request. All documents that are needed for CCR validation can be found here.