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Safety on campus is an important part of students' experience at the University of Toronto. Use the quick links below to find contact information of the departments and initiatives listed.

Campus Safety

The University of Toronto Campus Safety is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors. In fulfilling this purpose, the University safety staff work in partnership with the community in developing programs and conducting activities to promote safety and security on campus.

Location: 3116, William G. Davis Building [DV]

Contact Information:

Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre (SVPSC)

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre (SVPSC) is here to help and support students, staff and faculty at the University of Toronto who have been impacted by sexual violence or sexual harassment. We’re here to help you understand, access and navigate supports such as counselling, medical services, academic or workplace accommodations, financial aid and legal aid. The Centre also works to end sexual violence on campus through training and education.

Location: 3094J, William G. Davis Building [DV]

Contact Information:

Work Alone/Walksafer Program

Whether you are taking an evening class or studying into the night, the Work Alone/Walk Safe program offers all UTM members services to be escorted anywhere on campus.

Location: 3116, William G. Davis Building [DV]

Contact Information:


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