Police and Vulnerable Sectors Checks

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Please be aware that in order to volunteer with some of our Community Partners, police/ vulnerable record checks are required.

  • We encourage you to review any/ all projects you may be interested in (on the left) to see if a police/vulnerable record check is needed for your participation (as listed in the 'Get Involved' section of each project) 
  • Some regions take longer to process these record so please make sure to apply with your local region as soon as possible to ensure you will be able to participate with the opportunities you are interested in. 

Step 1: Getting Ready 

  • You must apply to the jurisdiction that you currently live in. For example, if you live in Toronto, your must apply in Toronto. For those who live on campus (in Residence), you may choose to apply to your home community OR the Mississauga community.

Step 2: How to Apply 

For printable online applications: 

For In-Person Applications:

If you live outside of these regions, call your regional police office to get information on how you obtain a police check/vulnerable sectors check

If you need financial assistance with this check, please complete a Co-Curricular Program Participation Bursary application. We do not want the police/vulnerable sectors check to stop you from being involved with a community engagement experience. 

Step 3: Confirming your Check 

  • After you have applied for your police check/vulnerable sectors check you need to ensure that you get a dated receipt.
  • You will need to present this receipt to either the coordinator of the volunteer placement and/or the community organization that you are working with!
  • Make sure to keep this receipt in a safe place.

International Students

Police/Vulnerable Persons Checks are only required for citizens of Canada. 

As an International Student, your student visa is the only documentation needed to reflect the equivalent of a Police/ Vulnerable Persons check for some of our Community Partners. Please make sure to provide us with a photocopy if requested.