Mindfulness & Spirituality

Mindfulness and spirituality

Mindfulness Meditation 

Mindfulness can be defined in a number of different ways, most of which come down to being conscious or fully present in the moment. 

To help you de-stress and navigate the pressures of being a student, UTM's Health & Counselling Centre offers a free, weekly drop-in class so you can learn and practice different forms of mindful meditation. 

Everyone is welcome! 

Mindfulness, Wellness, & Meditation Sessions


Mindfulness Mondays @ 1-1:30pm

Mindfulness Wednesday @ 1-1:30pm

Instagram: @utmhccwellness



To sign up for a weekly reminder, visit the Health & Counselling Centre's website. 


For all questions regarding Interfaith & Spirituality at UTM, please contact:

Student Groups Team

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