UTM Bridging Mentorship Program


Bridging Mentorship Program

UTM is constantly providing me with opportunities. Not only in my studies and future new career but in the present moment as well. At UTM I have the opportunity to contribute, participate, network and so much more. My fear of being an outcast because of my age was never realized. The bridging program was the perfect way to ease me back into the learning environment, and the mentorship program is a great way to meet other mature students that can share in the experience.”

What is the UTM Bridging Mentorship Program?

The transition to university can be difficult for most incoming students, but especially so when you’ve been away from formal education for quite some time. The Bridging mentorship program provides an opportunity for students in the Bridging Pathway to be paired with a mentor throughout the year that will support them in their academic and social transition into university.  

What are the elements of the program?

  • one-on-one meetings with a bridging mentor
  • social events throughout the year
  • tailored skill building workshops
  • CCR notation

What are the benefits of the program?

  • knowledge and support from a successful Bridging Pathway student
  • gain familiarity with the campus and available resources
  • learn and develop skills required to be successful at university
  • engage with other Bridging Pathway students, and become part of the UTM community
  • participation is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record of the University of Toronto highlighting the skills and competencies developed through engagement with the program

How do I enroll?

All Bridging Pathway students are automatically enrolled in the Bridging Mentorship Program. Participation is optional, and students are welcome to opt out at any time.

To learn more about UTM Bridging Pathway and admission requirements, visit: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/future-students/apply/bridging-pathway.  


For all questions and feedback regarding the UTM Bridging Mentorship Program, please contact:

Smyrna Wright

Community Engagement Coordinator, Access & Inclusion Programs

  • Email: smyrna.wright@utoronto.ca