UTM Bridging Pathway

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"UTM gave me an opportunity. As a mature student, the UTM Bridging Pathways familiarized me with the university and a new academic setting. My professors provided me with helpful resources and answered any questions that came to mind. My peers created a welcoming community; all striving to succeed, regardless of age or background." 
- Sophie Forbes, Double Major CCIT & Professional Writing & Communications, Class of 2020

About this Pathway

The UTM Bridging Pathway (UTMBP) offers mature students (at least 20 years of age) the opportunity to be admitted to University undergraduate studies when they do not meet traditional admission requirements and have been away from formal education for some time.

  • You will be required to enrol in, and successfully complete, two half-credits over the Fall and Winter academic sessions.
    • If you achieve a 63% average or better in the Fall term half-credit course, you can continue into the Winter term for one additional half-credit course, for a total of 1.0 credits. 
    • If you achieve a 73% average or better in the Fall term half-credit course, you may choose to take two half-credit courses in the Winter term, for a total of 1.5 credits.
  • Upon completion of your first year:
    • If you achieve an average between 72% and 63%, you will be permitted to proceed to part-time degree studies at UTM.
    • If you achieve an average of a 73% average or better, you become eligible to proceed to full-time degree studies at UTM. 
  • Successful completion of credits within the UTMBP would count towards the 20.0 credits required for an undergraduate degree at U of T.

Students will be eligible to choose their courses from a list of over 30 first year, half-credit, humanities and social science classes.

Applications open mid-January and close on the first of July each year. The program begins in September each year.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for the UTM Bridging Pathway (UTMBP), you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 20 years of age in the year the pathway begins
  • Be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Convention Refugee¹
  • Have been away from formal, full-time education for more than three years.
  • Have not attempted degree-level academic work (or equivalent) at a post-secondary institution such as a university or polytechnic institute.***
  • Have not completed more than two years of full-time studies in a College of Applied Arts and Technology (or equivalent), such as a three-year advanced diploma of an academic nature.***
  • Meet current University of Toronto English Language Requirements.
  • Include a personal statement as part of the application. The personal statement is a written piece of work about yourself and your academic and career goals. The purpose of the statement is to ensure that your application is being reviewed with your interests and intentions in mind. 

A Few Notes

  • *** - You may be eligible for other programs or admission options more appropriate for you if you have degree level experience or equivalent (even if previous studies were unsuccessful). Please contact us directly to determine the best route for admissions.
  • By accepting admission to the UTM Bridging Pathway, students with previous post-secondary studies will forfeit any possible transfer credits.  
  • Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee registration with the UTM Bridging Pathway. Applications are reviewed on an individual basis to assess the academic strength of each student.
  • This initiative is primarily intended for direct entry into an Honours Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree.
  • Some programs at UTM have additional senior-level secondary school subject requirements. The completion of any previous high school courses may be considered to meet these requirements.
  • If you are interested in taking courses that have minimum high school prerequisites (e.g. math, chemistry, biology, physics) you can review the possibility of taking these courses with a staff member in our office. Contact us for details.

How to Apply

To apply, simply complete the UTM Bridging Pathway Application and we will be in contact with you soon to discuss next steps.


If you have any questions at all about the UTM Bridging Pathway, please do not hesitate to contact the Manager of Pathway Programs at UTM:

Email: pathways.utm@utoronto.ca
Phone: 905-569-5750
Fax: 905-569-4448
Twitter: @UTMPathways

Students living closer to U of T's St. George campus in downtown Toronto, or those planning on pursuing degree studies at U of T St. George in the future, may be alternately interested in the Academic Bridging Program (ABP) offered through U of T's Woodsworth College.

For more information about the St. George Academic Bridging Program, please visit www.wdw.utoronto.ca/bridging

¹ A Convention Refugee is a person who is outside of their country of nationality or habitual residence and who is unable or unwilling to return to that country because of a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, political opinion, nationality or membership in a particular social group (See United Nations 1951 Geneva Convention).