Alternate Offers

Alternate Offers

Did you receive an offer to a program or U of T campus you didn't apply to? Congratulations! You've received an alternate offer!

Alternate Program Offers

An alternate program offer is a great opportunity to pursue studies at U of T Mississauga! We carefully consider all applications before providing an offer. Students who do not meet the requirements for their original program choice, but are still admissible to the University, are sometimes offered admission to an alternate program that reflects their academic strengths.

Alternate Campus Offers

While we realize that you may not have considered U of T Mississauga initially, we think that this offer is something for you to be excited about!

The U of T family includes three distinct campuses, each offering a unique university experience, but all sharing in the commitment to provide our students with an excellent and unparalleled education. This tri-campus system means that our students are able to take courses at other U of T campuses, use all the facilities, be taught by professors who lecture at multiple campuses, and graduate with a University of Toronto degree.

What's Next with an Alternate Offer

If you plan on taking summer school to increase your grades, notify us immediately of your intent to do so. If your final grades do increase, contact us as soon as you receive it and we may reconsider you for your original program choice, if the program still has space.

The reasons to accept a university offer are often very personal and unique. Here's what we recommend you do next:

  1. Do your research and explore your options. Let us show you why accepting an offer to U of T Mississauga will help you to realize your future goals.
  2. Ask questions! Our office is ready to connect with you and answer your questions. We host online events throughout the year to get you face-to-face with our team. You can also send us an email and a member of our team will get back to you soon.
  3. Make an informed decision when you're ready and make sure you accept your offer before the deadline. Check your offer of admission for your specific deadlines – don't miss them!