University is an investment in your future, but sometimes making ends meet from day-to-day is a greater challenge. The cost of studies at U of T Mississauga varies based on your program of choice, whether you live in residence, the cost of your books, equipment, transportation and other living expenses.

"No student offered admission should be unable to enter or complete their program due to lack of financial means." - University of Toronto Governing Council, 1998.

This statement of principle means that U of T will work to supplement the funding provided by government sources to students who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons. U of T offers one of the most robust student financial aid programs in North America, and the most in Ontario.

Tuition & Fees

Learn about the costs associated with attending university.


Scholarships recognize a diversity of achievements – from academic excellence, to community engagement and creative accomplishments.

Financial Aid

There are many sources of financial aid available to help you cover the costs of your University of Toronto education – from OSAP and other government aid, to assistance provided by the University.

Leave Your Mark

U of T to cover tuition for students from nine First Nations communities

The University of Toronto will cover the cost of tuition for students from nine First Nations as part of its efforts to make the university more accessible and inclusive for Indigenous students – and strengthen relationships with Indigenous communities.

Within Reach

Explore the range of financial aid and awards programs available to you - complete with tips, reminders, links to estimators and planners, and case studies.

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International Student Admission Scholarships

The University of Toronto Mississauga has a limited number of admission scholarships available to international undergraduate applicants who have financial need. These are selected based on academic merit as well as demonstrated financial need. You can find more information about these awards by using the Award Explorer below.

Awards Explorer

When a student is selected on academic merit, the University of Toronto Mississauga may use the CSS Profile, which is administered by CollegeBoard, to assess qualified international undergraduate applicants for scholarships based on a financial need component. In all cases, qualified admitted students will be contacted directly and provided with a free CSS application code to complete the CSS profile, which is administered the CollegeBoard. Please note that scholarships and bursaries rarely cover the full cost of tuition and living expenses.

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