Management (BBA)

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The Management programs prepare you to become a effective member of organizations. Drawing on a balanced offering of rigorous intellectual frameworks from the social sciences, they cover the nature and working of organizations, and managerial functions. The programs provide you with a good understanding of the major aspects of management and help you to acquire an integrated set of management skills through the resources of the Department of Management.

"What I enjoy the most about UTMM's Management Program is its flexibility and the small amount of students enrolled in it. We have the chance to find what interests us the most through various subjects such as finance, statistics, psychology or human resources. "
- Alexandra Van Der Vleugel, BBA, 2023

Programs & Requirements

OUAC Program Code: TMG
Approximate Competitive Average: Mid 80s (based on six Grade 12 "U" or "M" courses, including English (ENG4U) or equivalent)
Program Course Prerequisites: Prerequisites vary depending on program. Please select a program below to view course prerequisites.

Note: Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee you admission to the University. Admission is subject to space availability and competition.

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Exciting Opportunities



Reward your four years of study with dual-accreditation. At the same time that you study for your Business Degree, you can choose to earn UTMM’s Certificate in Effective Business Practices & Leadership Skills.

Light On

Business Competition Group

Participate in business case competitions across Ontario, Canada and North America with the UTMM Competition team.

Development Skill

Develop Skills

The Professional Skills Development Program (PDSP) complements classroom learning with soft skills development through participation in a variety of events from networking sessions to case competitions, workshops, and more.