Commerce (BCom)

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The Commerce programs combine economics and the various sub-disciplines of management enabling you to develop analytical skills and gain knowledge of institutions using the resources of the Institute for Management and Innovation. This background is useful for solving problems and making decisions in business and government environments. Graduates of our Commerce programs are well prepared for a future in professional accounting, economics, actuarial science, financial analytics, marketing analysis, management of firms and government, or small business. 

Each program has also been designed to ensure you graduate with strong analytical, critical thinking and communication skills that will ensure your success in a competitive job market. In addition, the Specialist Program in Accounting is CPA recognized and provides students with direct entry into the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP).

"The Commerce program at UTM is competitive and challenging, but it offers unparalleled training and networking opportunities. I chose Commerce, specifically Accounting, because it’s so versatile. [...] Being business savvy, coupled with my strengthened interpersonal skills gives me the opportunity to work in many industries with various individuals."
- Sarah Girgis, 3rd year, Specialist in Accounting and Major in Economics

Programs & Requirements

OUAC Program Code: TME
Approximate Competitive Average: Mid 80s (based on six Grade 12 "U" or "M" courses, including English (ENG4U) or equivalent)
Note: Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee you admission to the University. Admission is subject to space availability and competition.

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Skill Development

Develop Skills

The Professional Skills Development Program (PDSP) complements classroom learning with soft skills development through participation in a variety of events.