UTM Students at Convocation

UTM offers you over 170 program options across more than 90 areas of study. Undergraduate programs are grouped into the following 12 admission categories to help you explore them quickly and give you what you need to apply right at your fingertips.

At the end of your first year, you will choose your program (maybe even combine a few from different categories if you wish), which means that your first year is an excellent opportunity to explore the full breadth of offerings at UTM. Once you've accepted an offer of admission to UTM, we will go into greater detail about program and course selection.

When you graduate, remember that you will receive a prestigious University of Toronto degree that tells everyone that you are ranked among the best in the world!

Chemical & Physical Sciences 

Study natural laws and processes of living and non-living matter as part of UTM’s Chemical & Physical Sciences programs.


The Commerce programs combine economics and the various sub-disciplines of management enabling you to develop analytical skills and gain knowledge of institutions using the resources of the Institute for Management & Innovation.

Communication, Culture, Information & Technology (CCIT)

This program integrates theory and practice while considering areas such as the evolution of language; the impact of the printing press, television, recordings and computers on society and culture; and how technology, particularly digital technology, is shaping human communication.

Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics

Want to design unbreakable codes? Does the complexity of financial markets fascinate you? Interested in simulating biological processes? Whether considering a career in industry or graduate school, our programs will give you the skills you need and teach you to think analytically and creatively.

Forensic Science

Dive into the study of physical evidence in a modern legal context, best defined as “science in service to the courts.” 


Studies in the Humanities cultivates critical thinking, logic and communication through the study of cultures, languages and history.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences at UTM will intrigue those who are interested in behaviour, biotechnology, genetics, physiology, health sciences and molecular biology. 


The Management programs prepare you to become an effective member of organizations. Drawing on a balanced offering of rigorous intellectual frameworks from the social sciences, they cover the nature and working of organizations, and managerial functions. 


Psychology programs emphasize the scientific method and its application to the study of behaviour and thought processes in humans and animals. 

Social Sciences 

Whether you are considering law school, teaching, banking or working for an international aid agency, the Social Sciences provide an excellent foundation through examination of the relationships between the individual, society and the environment. 

Theatre & Drama Studies

As a Theatre & Drama Studies student, you will receive expert practical training in acting, balanced with a thorough exploration of dramatic history, theory and literature in this longstanding program. 

Visual Studies

Explore the meaning and power of images and their impact on our lives. Delve into the world of movie magic in our cinema studies program. Challenge yourself in the unique Art & Art History program where you attend courses concurrently at UTM and at Sheridan College’s prestigious School of Animation, Arts & Design.