Certificate Programs

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Our new certificate programs, completed concurrently with your undergraduate degree, will enrich your understanding of the concepts you learn in class, and help strengthen your skills for today’s economy. We currently offer five certificate programs.

Click on the title of the certificate program to view full details, including enrolment and completion requirements. Please note that enrolment in these certificates may be restricted to students in specific programs.

Economic Improvement

Advanced Economics

The Certificate in Advanced Economics is open to HBA, HBSc, and BCom students who seek a more formal and deeper analysis of economic models and their application. The requirements include core advanced courses in the three main fields of economics: microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics that will help prepare students for graduate and professional studies as well as provide valuable applicable skills for future careers.


Computational Linguistics

The Certificate in Computational Linguistics is open to students who seek a deeper understanding of the diverse ways in which Linguistics and the Computing Sciences interact. The requirements include two core advanced courses in which students will learn about theoretical and practical aspects of the intersection between Linguistics and the Computing Sciences, and a 0.5 FCE elective from a set of topically fitting LIN and CSC courses.


Curatorial Studies

This certificate, taken in conjunction with a Major or Specialist degree in Art History or Art and Art History, will help prepare students for graduate work in Curatorial Studies or Museum Studies as well as work in the Arts and Culture sector.


Digital Media, Communication and Technology

The Professional Experience Certificate in Digital Media, Communication and Technology program provides eligible students the opportunity to integrate two paid work placements into their ICCIT program of study. The certificate offers students authentic learning experiences outside the classroom that involve the application of skills and concepts learned in the classroom through two 4-month non-credit paid work terms. This certificate program must be taken in addition to any of the current ICCIT programs.

People Working

Effective Business Practices & Leadership Skills

The Certificate in Effective Business Practices & Leadership Skills provides eligible students the opportunity to participate in a 4-month (non-credit) paid work placement while completing their program of study. Through the certificate, students will gain authentic learning experiences and apply what they are learning in the classroom to workplace environments. This certificate must be completed concurrently with any Department of Management program.


Global Perspectives

The Certificate in Global Perspectives will provide students the opportunity to examine issues from different cultural, economic and socio-political perspectives, and provide an interdisciplinary or disciplinary global lens through which to interpret and evaluate our interconnected world.



Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The Certificate in Sustainability will provide students the opportunity to develop a sustainability lens -- an interdisciplinary toolkit for examining societal, cultural, economic, political and environmental issues from a perspective that promotes ecological health, social equity and development.