Request to Mark Post-Secondary Transfer Credit as Extra

You can request to have eligible generic and unspecified transfer credits without exclusions marked as “Extra” on your academic record.

What is an Extra?

Why would you want to mark a course as an Extra?

Avoid paying deregulated program fees initially when you begin your studies.

If you have been admitted to an admission category that contains deregulated programs, and you have been awarded at least 4.0 or more transfer credits, you will defined as an "upper year" student.

Upper year students pay deregulated program fees.

If you mark some of your unspecified or generic credits (without exclusions) as Extra, and are able to bring your awarded credits down to 3.5, you would then be defined as a "year one" student for the current session, thus avoiding paying deregulated program fees (until the session after 4.0 credits have been completed).

Take courses you may be otherwise excluded from taking.

If you have been awarded an unspecified half-credit, that may include an exclusion that would prevent you from enrolling in a specified full-credit course.

If you request the unspecified half-credit to be marked as Extra, you would then be eligible to enrol in the full-credit course.

Important: If you have questions, or are unsure of how transfer credits can impact your degree and program progression, you are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor in the Office of the Registrar before altering your transfer credits.

What post-secondary credits are eligible to be marked as Extra?

A "Generic" or "Unspecified" credit, without exclusions:

You completed ANTH101 at Alexander College Burnaby. You were awarded an "unspecified half credit of ANT1**H5 with no exclusions."

You are then admitted to the Commerce admission category and awarded 4.0 transfer credits.

You are now eligible to request to have the ANT1**H5 marked as Extra because it was unspecified and has no exclusions.

After this course is marked as Extra, you will have 3.5 credits and your year of study will be updated change from "upper year" to "year one".

  • You have been awarded MAT1**H5 with no exclusions
  • You have been awarded SSC1**H5 with no exclusions
  • You have been awarded HUM2**Y5 with no exclusions

An "Unspecified" half-credit with a "Specified" full credit exclusion:

You completed First Year Spanish I (SPAN1010) at Carleton University, but did not complete First Year Spanish II (SPAN1020).

For SPAN1010, you are awarded an "unspecified half-credit of SPA1**H5" and are "excluded from the full-credit course SPA100Y5."

Carleton University's SPAN1010 is a half-credit course; you would require both SPAN1010 and SPAN1020 in order to receive UTM’s full-credit specified equivalent course of SPA100Y5.

But now, you're excluded from taking it because you have the half-credit SPA1**H5 course. And if you want to continue your studies in Spanish and enrol in SPA220Y5, you will first need to complete a prerequisite course: SPA100Y5!

You will now have to request that your SPA1**H5 transfer credit be marked as Extra, so that you can enrol in SPA100Y5 to earn the full 1.0-credit prerequisite and be on your way to studying Spanish.

  • You have been awarded MAT1**H5 with an exclusion to MAT133Y5
  • You have been awarded SPA1**H5 with an exclusion to SPA100Y5
  • You have been awarded PSY1**H5 with an exclusion to PSY100Y5

What post-secondary credits are not eligible to be marked as Extra?

Any "Specified," "Unspecified," or "Generic" credits, with an equally-weighted exclusion.

  • You are awarded AST101H5 with exclusion to AST201H5
    • AST201H5 is a specific course with the same half-credit weight as AST101H5
  • You are awarded MAT1**Y5 with exclusion to MAT133Y5
    • MAT1**Y5 is an unspecified credit with the same full-credit weight as MAT133Y5
  • You are awarded SCI2**H5 with an exclusion to BIO210H5
    • SCI2**H5 is a generic credit with the same half-credit weight as BIO210H5

Any "Specified" credit without an exclusion

  • You are awarded CHM110H5 with no exclusions
  • You are awarded BIO152H5 with no exclusions
  • You are awarded ENG101H5 with no exclusions

All of the above examples are ineligible because they are all specified courses without exclusions.

Important: In all cases above, it is your responsibility to ensure your course registration at U of T Mississauga is consistent with the rules outlined in the Academic Calendar. This includes satisfying prerequisites, corequisites, and exclusions.

How to request to mark courses as Extra

Send an email to, following these specific instructions:

  1. Send the email from your email account.
  2. Use the template below, ensuring you're replacing all bolded text with your information before submission.
My name is FIRST & LAST NAME, student number 10XXXXXXXX, and I wish to have the following courses marked as “extra”:

•    "U of T Mississauga Course Code – Previous Post-Secondary Institution"
•    GGR1**H5 – University of Ottawa
•    HIS1**H5 – University of Ottawa
•    SCI1**H5 – CEGEP Dawson
•    SSC1**H5 – CEGEP Dawson

I have read and understand the Transfer Credit Policies & Procedures and make this request to modify my record accordingly. I also acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to discuss my questions and concerns with an Academic Advisor in the Office of the Registrar.

Thank you, 

What is the deadline to make a request?

You have one calendar year from the date of your first registration at U of T Mississauga to request changes to your transfer credit assessment. You can review the specifics of this deadline in the Academic Calendar.

Important: Incomplete requests and requests received after the deadline date above will not be processed.