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The admission selection process includes consideration of the Grade 11 and Grade 12 academic records. Emphasis is placed on Grade 11 results where marks in the required number of Grade 12 courses are not yet available.

You can apply to one program per campus or faculty at the University of Toronto, up to a maximum of three U of T choices. At U of T Mississauga, you can choose one admission category, but you may pursue more than one program throughout your degree.  


  1. You can apply to Life Sciences at U of T Mississauga, Life Sciences at U of T Scarborough, and Life Sciences at the Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George.  
  2. You can apply to Chemical & Physical Sciences at U of T Mississauga, Physical & Mathematical Sciences at the Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George, and Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Applied Sciences & Engineering. 

Reference letters and personal statements are not required for admission to any of our programs. Theatre & Drama requires students to complete an audition. For more information regarding the audition process, please visit   

You may only select one admission category when applying to the University of Toronto Mississauga. If you are interested in more than one program, we recommend applying to the one that best represents your academic goals, or if you can't decide between the two, choose the one with the most prerequisite subjects or highest grade requirement. 

No. To be considered for U of T Mississauga programs, you must apply to U of T Mississauga via your OUAC or U of T application. In some cases, U of T Mississauga may send alternate offers to competitive Faculty of Arts & Science applicants. 

The Admission Category is a grouping of similar programs, with the same or similar requirements. Students admitted to an Admission Category, complete common foundational studies in first year to determine which Program of Study (POSt) they are most interested in, and best suited for.  The official terminology for Program at the University of Toronto is “Program of Study (POSt)” or “Subject POSt”. Though general programs are listed within our Admission Categories, many more exist at various levels (i.e. Specialist, Major, Minor). These levels are determined by the number of credits completed in that particular area of study.  You can request your Subject POSt(s) once you’ve completed Year 1 or 4.0 credits, including specific program requirements. Watch this video to learn more! 

The university reserves the right to give preference to students whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course. Though we may consider repeated courses, we will pay close attention to prerequisite courses, the number of repeats, as well as your overall academic record.  

You will be considered concurrently for all your U of T applications. U of T rank doesn’t matter.  

If your academic record has been negatively affected by disability related circumstances, or extenuating circumstances (such as a personal or family illness, tragedy, trauma or hardship), and your academic performance is slightly below the usual requirements for admission, the appropriate Admissions Committee may give special consideration.   Although we cannot guarantee approval, each request will be reviewed on its individual merits. For more details visit

You will automatically be considered for an alternate program at U of T Mississauga if you are not eligible for your first program choice. We review your academic record and try our best to choose a program aligned to your first choice, and which plays to your academic strengths.   

Icon After Applying

You will receive an email from both the University of Toronto's Enrolment Services and the University of Toronto Mississauga approximately ten business days after you submit your application via the OUAC or U of T International Application. These emails will provide you with instructions on how to access the Join U of T website. Here, you will track the status of your application and submit any necessary supporting documents.

Please try resetting your Join U of T password. This will resolve the majority of log in issues. If the problem persists, please contact us for next steps.

Please try logging in directly from the main page:

If you have applied using the OUAC Undergraduate Aapplication and wish to make changes to your initial application, you must do this by logging in to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre website.

All other applicants (U of T International / Internal / Part-Time / Non-Degree) should log onto Join U of T, click on Check Status, and follow the instructions for making changes to your application.

Note: You may only amend your application if there is no decision associated. If a decision has been made, and you wish to amend your application, you must submit a Post-Decision appeal accessed through the Join U of T Applicant Website. We do not accept any changes or corrections via e-mail or telephone.

No, you can personally upload your current unofficial transcripts to the Join U of T Applicant Website for admission consideration. Only your official final high school transcripts are required to be mailed in.

If you graduated high school in 2022 or have taken a gap year, then you will be asked to send us your official final transcripts as part of the documents needed for admission consideration before the document deadline.

You can upload unofficial transcripts yourself through the Join U of T Applicant Website. Official final high school transcripts or board exam certificates should be sent directly from your school through Parchment or mailed directly to Enrolment Services.

If you are not currently a high school student, please visit the Apply to U of T webpage for more information on how to submit your transcripts.

Yes, we will consider you for admission based on your uploaded unofficial transcripts. We will only require your official final transcripts to be sent directly from your school at the end of the year to clear admissions conditions.

If you are required to self-report your grades you will have access to a form in the Join U of T Applicant Website with instructions as to what grades you should report. You will be able to send updated grades up until the document deadline. For updated dates & deadlines visit

Please submit all available transcripts or the most up-to-date grade reports. We should be able to assess your application for a conditional offer of admission based on what you provide. You are able to submit supporting documents until the document deadline. We will continue to accept updated grades if they become available later, provided that spaces are available in our programs.

No. Early consideration will be based on Gr. 11 marks and any available or predicted Gr. 12 marks. These transcripts can be submitted before the December deadline. Students who do not submit their documents before the December 15th early consideration deadline will be assessed in our later rounds in March, April, and May using all available marks.

It can take a few weeks for sent documents to be matched to an application. You can track the progress of your documents on the Join U of T Applicant Website.

Courses completed through a school or organization accredited by the Ministry of Education are acceptable, whether taken online, at night, or during the summer (before your grade 12 year). Note, however, courses completed the summer before entering university cannot be taken into consideration for admission decision purposes.

Admission requirements, including prerequisites for admission consideration, must be met during the regular academic school year. Summer courses can be completed for preparation or to use as prerequisites for course enrolment and/or transfer credit, but we will not be able to consider these courses for initial admission decisions.

Icon Admitted Students

Congratulations! You've received an alternate offer!

Alternate Program Offers
An alternate program offer is not a rejection to the university; in fact, it’s another opportunity! We carefully consider all applications before providing an offer. Students who do not meet the requirements for their original program choice, but are still admissible to the University, are sometimes offered admission to an alternate program that reflects their academic strengths.

Alternate Campus Offers
At U of T, we carefully consider all applications before providing an offer. Students who do not meet the requirements for their original program choice, but are still admissible to the University of Toronto, are sometimes offered admission to an alternate program that reflects their academic strengths. In this case, your offer was made to an alternate campus as well. The U of T family includes three distinct campuses, each offering a unique university experience, but all sharing in the commitment to provide our students with an excellent and unparalleled education. This tri-campus system means that our students can take courses at other U of T campuses, use all the facilities, be taught by professors who lecture at multiple campuses, and graduate with a University of Toronto degree. While we realize that you may not have considered U of T Mississauga initially, we think that this offer is something for you to be excited about!

Most students receive a conditional offer of admission. The terms and conditions of your offer will be detailed on the Join U of T Applicant Website. Please ensure you are working towards meeting these terms and conditions. If you are concerned about not meeting the requirements outlined in your offer letter and applicant website, please contact our office.

If you decide to put your studies on hold, you may request a one-year deferral of your offer of admission. The deferral of admission will include a deferral of any entrance scholarship(s) awarded and the residence guarantee if applicable. Applicants who plan to attend another post-secondary institution will not be permitted to defer their admission. You can find instructions on how to submit a request for admission deferral form here.

If you have completed college or university studies, AP, IB, GCE, CAPE, or French Baccalaureate examinations you may be eligible for transfer credit(s) at the University of Toronto. Transfer credits are assessed after admission. You can find out more about expected U of Mississauga transfer credit equivalencies on our website.

For more information on applying for post-secondary transfer credit assessments please visit

Icon English Language Requirements

If English is not your first language, you may be required to submit proof of English facility. Some international high school curricula can act as exemptions from English language tests. Visit our website for a complete list of English facility requirements, accepted tests, exemptions, and expected scores.

We do not super score English proficiency tests. You must meet the University of Toronto English language requirements in one sitting of an English proficiency test.

It can take up to 10 business days.

It can take a few weeks for sent documents to be matched to an application. You can track the progress of your documents on the Join U of T Applicant Website. It is very important that the names on these tests match exactly the name you used on your application (i.e: the same first, middle, and combination of last names). If the name on your test does not match your U of T applicant name exactly, we will not be able to match them and this will often be the reason for a delay.

Meeting the English language proficiency requirements for the University of Toronto is part of the admission process. If required, you must submit test scores to be considered for admission. Test scores either must meet the minimum English proficiency test requirements outlined on our website, or meet the minimum scores required to be considered for our ACE@UTM Programs.

This means that you have not yet met the University of Toronto's English language requirement. You have been given the opportunity to complete ACE@UTM in order to meet this requirement. Please register and complete the ACE@UTM program or submit a new English proficiency test in order to satisfy the English language requirement.

If you are given the option, we highly recommend that you complete the program in the Summer before you begin your undergraduate studies at U of T Mississauga. The advantage is that you are able to complete and satisfy the English Language Requirement condition on your offer of admission before you begin your academic studies. It's one less thing to worry about once classes begin in September!

Students who successfully complete Summer ACE@UTM will be able to enroll in a full-time course load once classes begin. Fall-Winter ACE@UTM students will complete the Academic English course part-time and enroll in part-time U of T Mississauga classes.

Please submit your official test results to the University of Toronto to demonstrate that you have passed an English proficiency test that meets the English language requirement. After you receive the official results, please contact us at to let us know.

Please visit our website at

Icon Scholarships and Financial Aid

All U of T Mississauga students will be automatically considered for scholarships at the time of admission. Canadian citizens, permanent residents and protected persons currently studying at a Canadian secondary school are encouraged to fill out the Awards Profile available in the Join U of T Applicant Website. However, all other students will be considered automatically.

Financial planning is an important part of readying yourself for university. We have a wide variety of tools to help you plan for the years ahead. Find a list of scholarships, tuition costs and a helpful planning tool on our website.

All U of T Mississauga scholarship and award offers are conditional on the completion of your secondary school program with high academic standing and satisfying the conditions of your offer of admission to the University of Toronto, as indicated on the Join U of T Applicant Website. Provided that you meet all the conditions of your offer of admission, we will not withdraw the scholarship offer. Please remember that your final high school marks are an important part of your academic record for the future – keep working hard!

Note: Scholarships are based on your grades at the time an offer of admission is made.

Students can expect to a decision about UTM entrance scholarships at the time they receive an offer of admission. Other awards and scholarships may have different review dates.

This award is conditional on registration as an international student (i.e. a non-Canadian requiring a study permit) and international students charged domestic fees are not eligible for this award. Should there be a change in your legal status, you are required to notify the University of Toronto Mississauga, as your eligibility may be affected.

No. The admission scholarship offer you received from U of T Mississauga is not transferrable to other campuses or faculties. Your award will be conditional on your registration as a student at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus.

A renewable award is typically issued for multiple years. The terms and conditions of the award specify award criteria, which could be full-time enrollment in a given program, certain academic performance, or demonstration of financial need. As long as the student meets the outlined terms and conditions of the award, the award is “renewed”, and a specified amount of money is issued the following year once registration is confirmed.

Students are notified when awards are renewed or not renewed and have an opportunity to provide supplementary information, when appropriate.

Unless otherwise noted in the terms and conditions of your award, your academic status must remain “in good standing” as defined by the University of Toronto Mississauga. 

No. Unfortunately, once the student does not meet the renewability criteria, the award is forfeited.

Yes. All U of T Mississauga admission awards are conditional on full-time registration (must complete at least 3.0 credits by the end of the Fall/Winter session). An exception is made for students registered with Accessibility Services.

Your U of T Mississauga International Scholar Award may be combined with all other entrance scholarships, except the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship. The scholarship offer that is of higher value will replace the scholarship of lower value. Review our Automatic Entrance Scholarship information for more details and conditions.

Accepted applicants must pay the required deposit payment and accept their offer of admission. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to the first term tuition fees.

Payment for admission scholarships/awards is applied to your student account after your registration is confirmed for the fall term, typically by mid-October.

The scholarship payment is first applied to any outstanding fees on your student account. If the award amount exceeds the fees owing, the remainder of the award will be issued to you and deposited into your Canadian bank account via direct deposit. You will be able to view your award information, including pending payments, on ACORN under “My Award”.

If you have not already done so, please set up direct deposit on ACORN. For more information on the types of award refund payments available, please visit the Student Accounts website.

Yes. You may use your scholarship offer for a tuition fee deferral on the basis of Undergraduate Scholarships or Awards (register without payment). Information about tuition deferral and payment of fees is available through the Student Accounts website.

Yes. You may request a one-year deferral of your offer of admission and if granted, your scholarship will be deferred as well. Deferrals are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Deferral requests that are approved will include deferral of eligible entrance scholarship(s) awarded (check the terms of your award for conditions and eligibility) and the residence guarantee, if applicable. For more information about deferrals visit

If you have additional questions, please contact us by visiting