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Registering with Accessibility Services

Step 1: Go to https://aarc.utm.utoronto.ca/Clockwork/user/intake/default.aspx

Step 2: Review the Documentation Requirements https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/accessibility/future-uoft-students/documentation-requirements

Step 3: Click on Register and login in with UTORID

Step 4: Complete the information form (Emergency Contact, OSAP, etc.)

Step 5: Upload scanned medical documentation to the bottom of the form.

Step 6: Await email confirmation of your online submission. Accessibility Staff will contact you once your submission has been reviewed.

Accommodations for Winter Courses at St. George, Sheridan College or UTSC

If you have renewed your accommodations for 2019-20 and are taking Winter courses at a different campus (St. George, UTSC, Sheridan College) and would like your accommodations transferred, please ensure you complete the Transfer of Accommodation Form

Please submit your completed form to the Accessibility main office (DV2037) or scan and send the form to access.utm@utoronto.ca.  Your form will be processed and your accommodations will be sent to the other campus. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing (not including weekends and statutory holidays) and ensure you schedule an appointment to see an advisor at the other campus to have your accommodation letter sent to your instructors.

Re-Register for 2019-20 Academic Accommodations

Your Accessibility Advisor is now available to re-register you for your academic accommodations for the 2019-20 academic year. To schedule a re-registration appointment with your Accessibility Advisor, please call 905-569-4699, email access.utm@utoronto.ca or stop by room DV2037.

For students taking Fall courses and are eligible for Self-Renewal, you can log in to AIMS to renew your accommodations for the 2019 Summer Session (May-August).    

To renew your accommodations, please log in to AIMS (https://aarc.utm.utoronto.ca/Clockwork/custom/misc/home.aspx), click on “Accommodations Renewal”  from the main menu and follow the instructions.  Please note that by self-renewing online, a letter of accommodation will be sent to each of your instructors for the courses you have selected. Please only self-renew for the lecture section of the course. If you are in a tutorial section or practical for the same course, do not select these options for self-renewal. Once you have renewed your accommodations and received a confirmation email from Accessibility Services, please log back in to AIMS and view your accommodation letters. If you see Instructor Info Missing on your confirmation email message, this will be addressed by Accessibility.

NEW! Accessibility now has step-by-step videos available to view on all our AIMS procedures, this includes requesting notes, inputting tests or final exams and self-renewal. The videos can be found on our website at http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/accessibility/registered-students/aims-students.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are taking courses at St.George, UTSC or Sheridan College and are able to renew your accommodations through AIMS, you must complete a Transfer of Accommodation Form for the appropriate campus. The forms are available in the main office and can also be found at the following link: http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/accessability/registered-students/online-forms. Once completed, please scan and email or drop off to the UTM main office so your accommodations can be transferred to the respective campus.  You are not able to send your accommodation letters to your course instructors at different campuses using the UTM’s AIMS system.  You must meet with an Accessibility Advisor at the campus where you are taking the course to have your accommodation letters issued.

Please note that Self-Renewal will renew your accommodations and generate your Letters of Accommodation to your instructors. However, you are still responsible for placing a notetaking request and reviewing your sample notes to select a note-taker as well as inputting incoming test/quiz and exam dates, if applicable. If you are unsure how to request notes, or input test dates onto the AIMS system, please review our Accessibility Tutorial videos or come by the main Accessibility office during office hours.

Please do allow for 24 – 48 hours (not including weekends and statutory holidays) between your Self-Renewal Request and any Test/Exam requests and Note-Taking requests. 


Term and Exam Period Registration Deadlines





2019 Fall

Term: First (F/Y)

September 5 - December 4

14 Days' Notice

2019 Fall

Exam Period: Dec

December 7 – December 19

Friday November 22

2020 Winter

Term: Second (S/Y)

January 6 – April 3

14 Days' Notice

2020 Winter

Exam Period: April

April 6 – April 22

Friday March 20

Please ensure that you select the "schedule a FINAL EXAM" from the menu only. Do not select the "schedule a TEST, MID-TERM or QUIZ" link as that is only for in-class tests and quizzes. If you select a test or mid-term request for a final exam, you may not be scheduled accurately. 


Accessibility Services Test Centre  Located in Room DV1100, Davis Building

For those students who receive test/exam accommodations please note that backpacks/bags, coats and cell phones/smart devices are not allowed in the test centre.  Please leave your backpacks/bags, coats and cell phones/smart devices in your locker on campus.  There are lockers available outside of the test centre however, you will need to bring your own lock to secure your belongings. 


Questions about the Centre's policies and procedures?

Please contact our front desk staff by phone at 905-569-4699, via email at access.utm@utoronto.ca or drop by our main office (room DV2037). You can also find answers in the Accessibility Student Handbook located under the "Registered Students" tab.

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