Assignment Extension Request

Accommodation - Requesting an Extension on a paper/assignment

NOTE: Before sending your instructor a request for an extension, you must first renew your accommodations and send your Letter of Accommodation to your instructor using AIMS. If you have any questions about using AIMS or need to meet with your Accessibility Advisor to renew your accommodations, please contact the main office at

Instructors have to approve extensions

All disability-related extension requests require approval from your professors and instructors, and the request must be made before the original due date.

We recommend asking for an extension one week before the original due date. You can follow the email template provided below when requesting extensions from your professors. 

Situations when a professor or instructor might not approve an extension:

There are situations when a professor or instructor might not approve an extension:

  • When the extension request concerns a group assignment
  • When the answers for the assignment were posted or taken up in lecture
  • When the extension request does not allow sufficient time for marking

In these circumstances, meet with your Accessibility Advisor to discuss potential next steps.

Email Template

Sample email to send to a Professor or Instructor. Copy and paste the message below into your email message you will be sending to your instructor. Fill in the information that is in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Sent: DATE (e.g., Sept. 18, 2018 10:55 AM)
Subject: COURSECODE: Requesting an Extension

Dear Professor NAME,

I am enrolled in your course COURSECODE + SECTION [e.g., BIO120H section L0101]. Earlier this term a Letter of Accommodation was sent to you, as I am registered with Accessibility Services. Due to disability-related reasons, I am unable to submit the assignment by DATE. I’m writing to you to ask for an extension of NUMBER OF DAYS – UP TO ONE WEEK on this assignment (I will submit by DATE), as is outlined in my Letter of Accommodation from Accessibility Services.

If you have questions about my accommodations, my Accessibility Advisor, ADVISOR NAME, can be reached at 

Thank you in advance for your understanding.



Student number: 1234567890

Extensions Beyond one [1] week

For extensions beyond one [1] week

If you need a disability-related extension beyond one [1] week after the assignment due date, you must complete the online Extension Request Form before the originally negotiated extension. You must then meet with your Accessibility Advisor to discuss next steps.

It is important that you continue to work on assignments to the best of your ability while an extension request is being decided.

Complete the online Extension Request Form

For extensions beyond the end of the term 

 Contact the UTM Office of the Registrar to submit a petition for consideration of an extension ( Meet with your Accessibility Advisor regarding what support they can provide, if you are petitioning for disability-related reasons.