Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of Accessibility Services is to ensure that all students with disabilities can freely and actively participate in all facets of university life; to provide and coordinate services and programs that enable students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential; and to increase awareness of inclusive values among all members of the university community. 

Who We Are

Accessibility Services is a student service, academic service, and University of Toronto equity office on the UTM campus. It is a separate entity from the St. George and Scarborough disability offices and is funded through a grant from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The Director of Accessibility Services reports directly to the Assistant Dean, Student Wellness, Support & Success, Student Affairs at UTM.

What We Do

Accessibility Services provides services and academic accommodations to students who have a documented learning, physical, sensory, mental health disability or medical condition. A disability can be temporary or permanent.


Any information that a student discloses to our staff regarding the nature of their disability or health condition is kept confidential. Each staff member/volunteer of Accessibility Services at UTM (including Invigilators) signs a Declaration of Confidentiality which stresses the importance of not disclosing information about students who use the services.

A student’s registration with Accessibility and the fact that they received academic accommodations is not identified on the student’s official university records, test results, academic transcripts, or graduation documentation.