Students Previously Registered With Accessibility Services

For students eligible for Self-Renewal:

  1. Log in to AIMS:
  2. Review the Self-Renewal Module:
  3. Once you have submitted your self-renewal, please proceed with registering test dates and/or requesting notetaking where applicable on AIMS.

If you are not eligible for Self-Renewal, please contact Accessibility Services at 905-569-4699 or email to schedule a re-registration appointment.

  1. If you need to provide updated medical documentation as your accommodations have expired, please log in to AIMS
  2. Select the Document Upload Portal Icon.
  3. Upload your completed and updated Medical Documentation to the Document Upload Portal.
  4. Submit on the system.
  5. Accessibility Staff will follow-up with you regarding next steps.
  6. Accessibility Video Module on Document Upload Portal also available to review at the following link:

Self-Renewal will renew your accommodations and generate your Letters of Accommodation to your instructors.  However, you are still responsible for placing a notetaking request and inputting your incoming test/quiz and exam dates (if applicable). If you are unsure how to request notes, or input test dates on AIMS, please review our Accessibility Tutorial videos or contact Accessibility Services at

Please allow for 24-48 hours (not including weekends and statutory holidays) between your Self-Renewal Request and any Test/Exam requests and Note-Taking requests. 

Questions or Comments?
Please contact our front desk staff by phone at 905-569-4699 or via email at