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Residence is more than just a roof over your head. We support our students in many ways through their housing accommodations, programming, and academics. Our student staff are the first point of contact for any student who may be looking for support in residence. 

Our Residence Curriculum, student staff, and professional staff are dedicated to easing your transition from high school to University of Toronto Mississauga. We offer a comprehensive, peer-based model that focusses on prioritizing our students. We do so by ensuring that student are connected to faculty, professors, and any academic supports on campus and within residence.

Some our residence based programs include, but are not limited to: 

  • Residence Education Facilitators (REFs): All first year students are assigned a REF upon move-in. REFs are upper year students devoted to supporting your academic journey at UTM. REFs live within residence and focus on strengthening your understanding of UTM academic policies and build your academic skills to ensure you have a successful first year experience! 
  • Program Facilitators (PFs): PFs are upper year students assigned to our Living Learning Communities (LLC). They live within their LLC and offer specific support and connection to professors through engaging events. Plus, they offer specific academic development in a program or interest area.
  • Academic Development Workshops: Hosted by our REFs and PFs, these workshops are an opportunity to develop academic related skills. Examples of topics include: applying for your program of study (PoSt), creating an academic network, building a collaborative environment in your group work projects, developing your presentation skills, and more.
  • Academic Advisors in Residence: This opportunity allows residence students to gain integral knowledge from the Office of the Registrar. Academic Advisors join residence students in residence and provide group and individual advising appointments. 
  • Stressbusters: Led by Residence Education Facilitators and held during final exam periods, stressbusters are activities that promote academic and personal wellness during final exam season. Common stressbusters include creative outlets, mindfulness activities, and interactive games.
  • Academic Support Initiative: This program focusses on prioritizing academic success and persistence. The Academic Support Initiative is built to identify students who may need additional support to ensure persistence through to graduation. Through academic success planning and one-one-ones with residence staff, we will provide opportunities and resources of finding your path forward at UTM.

Student Housing & Residence Life strives to offer an equitable and inclusive community, both in principle and in practice. We recognize that, unfortunately, the social and physical world was not built with every person's interests, rights, and abilities in mind. In recognizing this inequity, and the difficulties that it creates for many people, we have ventured to create a barrier-free community. Examples of this effort include:

  • Braille Signage;

  • Elevators in the First Year communities;

  • Wheelchair accessible units in both the First Year and Upper Year communities;

  • Automated door openers;

  • Large print communication materials, if requested;

  • Partnering with Hospitality & Ancillary Services to accommodate persons with dietary restrictions;

  • Height adjustable desks and beds.

In order for us to continue to operate in an equitable and inclusive manner, we need your input. Please identify any accessibility needs that you may have. You can do so by filling out the Personalized Accommodation Request as part of your StarRez application. You can also contact the Residence Services Desk regarding your request if you need assistance or more information at or by phone at 905-828-5286.

The Personalized Accommodation Form will help us understand your specific needs, in the interest of providing you appropriate accommodations. Please describe your needs in detail, so that we may offer you the best possible experience here at UTM. We look forward to having you!

To learn more about accessibility services on campus, please visit the AccessAbility Resource Centre at

Through active participation in the residence experience, students will become conscientious life-long learners.

Our four learning goals listed below support you in your UTM transition and allow you to continue to develop as a student outside the classroom. Click here to see highlights from previous years and learn more about how our intentional initiatives could positively impact your residence experience.


Students will develop a greater sense of belonging by learning how to better communicate, resolve conflict and work with others in an effort to become contributing members of local, regional and global communities.


In relation to others, students will have the opportunity to learn alongside, and engage with diverse topics and identities such as ability, age, class, culture, ethnicity, gender, indigeneity, race, religion, sex and sexuality, students will develop a more empathetic and intersectional understanding of differences. Students will be provided with opportunities to establish, a deeper respect for others and their worldview.


Students will explore their concept of self, through their personal beliefs and values. By actively participating in a community of diverse identities, students will be encouraged to challenge their own perspectives through reflective practices.

Academic Development

A student’s academic transition to the university will be supported. A student will explore their passion for academia and gain an increased understanding of their individualized learning journey.

Are you a transgender or gender non-conforming student concerned about roommates? Are you simply more comfortable living with roommates of different genders? Then consider a mixed-gender housing arrangement.

Diversity is an important part of the cultural landscape at UTM, and we consider gender diversity to be an important aspect of this. The Department of Student Housing & Residence Life believe students deserve to live in a housing arrangement they are comfortable with regardless of gender identity. In the interest of creating an equitable and inclusive community, we are happy to offer mixed-gender housing options for students of any gender to live together. In mixed-gender housing, students can be placed with other students who identify as a variety of genders including but not limited to man, woman, transgender man, transgender woman, transgender person, two spirit, genderqueer, and non-binary. In the residence application, all students have the option to select their gender - but are not required to.

  • Same-Gender Housing: will include 1-7 roommates who also select same gender.
  • Mixed-Gender Housing: could include 1-7 roommates of any gender.

Your selection does not impact the community that you are assigned to; mixed and same gender units are located in all residence communities.

Mixed-gender housing may not be guaranteed, however, if mixed-gender housing is a needs-based accommodation or if you would simply like to initiate a conversation with a residence staff member regarding what you see as your gender-specific housing needs, please contact us

Additional Resources

Positive Space

To learn more about gender diversity programs and support services on campus, please visit the website of the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office.


Residence Dons 

Residence Dons are upper year students who live in residence communities. They work hard to build a community and make you feel at home. From safety to social activities, Dons focus on the social side of transitioning to university, and support your adjustment to university life. 

Our Residence Dons support an on-call rotation Monday to Friday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 am and 24/7 on weekdays. They are available for after-hours emergency support and 

Residence Education Facilitators (REF) and Living Learning Program Facilitators (LLC PFs)

Residence Education Facilitators (REFs) & Living Learning Community Program Facilitators (LLC PFs) are upper year students who live in residence and support students in their transition to university academics. REFs facilitate academic skills workshops and additional programs geared towards academic success. LLC PFs provide academic support to LLC students. Learn more about our LLC Programs by clicking here

Residence Services Assistants (RSAs) 

Residence Services Assistants (RSAs) are student representatives who work at the Residence Services Desk located in the Oscar Peterson Hall lobby. RSAs handle day to-day administrative tasks and can answer any questions you have about residence. The Residence Services Desk is open from 9am-12am (midnight) on weekdays and 9am-9pm on weekends. 

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