Business LLC

Business LLC


The Business LLC is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts within the UTM community. Whether you are intrigued by marketing, finance, management, or innovation, the Business LLC is your gateway to unraveling the intricacies of the business world. This LLC is tailored for active learners eager to delve into the realms of business, offering a holistic approach to career clarity, experiential learning, and faculty engagement in a supportive residence community.

Course Requirement

Students interested in this LLC will be required to enrol as follows: 

  • Fall: MGM101
  • Winter: MGT120 or MGM102

LLC Program Highlights

Through the unique programming offered, members of this community can expect to participate in experiences such as the following:

  • Exclusive LLC Orientation & End-of-Year Dinner/Social
  • Industry immersion field trips with faculty
  • Skill development workshops on varying Business-relevant topics
  • Networking workshops by guest speakers

Residence Placement

Students in the Business LLC will be placed in Roy Ivor Hall