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Social Gatherings in Residence

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You are encouraged to meet new people in residence and social gatherings are a great way for students to build community, meet new friends, and take a break from their studies. If you are going to have a social gathering, here are some things to consider to make sure that you are keeping yourself and others safe:

  • Make sure you know everyone attending, this is your living space!

  • Ensure all guests are aware of the residence Community Standards

  • If there’s going to be alcohol present for those that are of legal drinking age, have a sober spotter to ensure no one is becoming over intoxicated.

    • If alcohol is present, it must remain in living spaces – common areas are alcohol free.

  • If there’s going to be cannabis present for those that are of legal age to use, ensure that cannabis is consumed outdoors in the designated smoking areas

  • Although there are quiet hours, it is always consideration hours for noise

  • Talk to your neighbours and those around you ahead of time to let them know you’ll be having people over

  • Be aware of quiet hours:

    • Sunday-Thursday; 11:00PM

    • Friday-Saturday; 1:00AM

  • Make sure you’ve reviewed the numbers that you would need to contact in case of emergency:

    • Don-On-Duty: 289-805-0580

    • Residence Service Desk: 905-828-5286

    • Campus Safety Services: 905-828-5200


OPH Table Booking Form

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OPH Table Booking Form



Proof of Residency

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To get a proof of residency letter or submit a request for emergency assistance, please contact the Residence Services Desk at 


Special Assistance & Emergency Preparedness Form

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Please submit this form if you are current UTM resident or tenant who requires assistance in the event of an emergency (i.e. medical emergency, fire, evacuation etc.). This form can be submitted for temporary or long term special assistance requirements. Please submit this form to the Residence Services Desk at


UTM Special Assistance & Emergency Preparedness Form


Appeal Form

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UTM Appeal Form

Students wishing to appeal a fine, charge, fee or disciplinary sanction or who are seeking an administrative exception (i.e. requests for exceptions to lease/contract dates)
must submit this form to the Student Housing & Residence Life, Residence Services Desk at within 30 days of the dated document (i.e. sanction letter, invoice, check-out notice, etc.). Supplemental documentation to back-up any appeal claim is highly encouraged. 

Students are advised to pay their residence fees while their appeal is being reviewed in order to avoid service charges on their ROSI balance as Student Housing &
Residence Life does not adjust service charges incurred.

Appeal Considerations

Appeals regarding extenuating circumstances will be considered. However, please note that as stated in the Occupancy Agreement:

"The Resident acknowledge and agrees to be bound by all terms, conditions, rules and regulations stated in this agreement (including section 6.0-6.5) regardless of the University of Toronto's decision to deliver courses in-person or through an online learning environment."

Therefore, requests for refunds on the basis of classes being online will not be granted. The $350 application fee and $1650 application deposit, once made, are non-refundable and non-transferrable. We strongly encourage you to consider this in your planning before you accept your offer as appeals regarding these fees will also be denied.