The LEAF (Leaders for an Environmentally Aware Future) LLC is designed for students passionate about living sustainably and harmoniously with the earth while evoking change on an individual and community level. With a love for caring for the environment, students in this LLC also have access to our community garden in MaGrath Valley residence. This LLC welcomes all students (pursuing any program) who are interested in living in an environmentally focused community!


Recommended Course

Students in the LEAF LLC are encouraged be enrolled in ENV100 ‘The Environment’ in the fall/winter term. This is a required course for students interested in pursuing various program in Environmental Management or Environmental Science. This course is also helpful for students pursuing a program in Biology, Earth Science, and Environmental Geosciences. This course can be an elective course for any student and can help to fulfill the Science distribution requirement or for any student interested in learning more about the environment!


LLC Program Highlights

Through the unique programming offered, in the past, members of this community have participated in the following:

  • Exclusive LLC Orientation & End-of-Year Dinner/Social
  • Field trips with faculty to the UTM Greenhouse, Ripley's Aquarium, Royal Ontario Museum, and nature trails
  • DIY nature activities (e.g., making birdhouses)
  • Tending and harvesting fruits and vegetables from our organic community garden
  • Upper-year and alumni AMA panels

Residence Placement

Students in the LEAF LLC will be placed in MaGrath Valley and all eligible candidates will be guaranteed Residence so long as they meet application and eligibility requirements.