Global LLC

Global LLC


Make global connections at UTM! In this multi-disciplinary residence community, students will have the opportunity to internationalize their residence experience and become a global citizen. First-year domestic and international students will live and learn together, engaging in co-curricular activities to support their academic success and develop an intercultural mindset. In collaboration with the International Education Centre, this community of students will have access to exclusive opportunities to critically reflect on their social position and identity, learn how to develop intercultural perspectives, and build leadership and communication skills. This is a great community for students pursuing any program, especially those interested in the Anthropology program or any social sciences program. We invite any student interested in learning about cultures and global/local issues, impacts on their environment, or internationalizing their experience on a local level!

Recommended Course

Students in the Global LLC are encouraged to be enrolled in ANT102 ‘Introduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology. Preference will be given to those enrolled in the fall term. This course helps to fulfill the Social Science distribution requirement and is a prerequisite for many courses in the Anthropology program.


LLC Program Highlights

Through the unique programming offered, in the past, members of this community have participated in the following:

  • Exclusive LLC Orientation to meet other students in our 8 Living Learning Communities
  • End-of-Year Dinner/Social for LLCs only
  • 4 field trips during the year around Mississauga and Toronto with your professor(s) and other faculty members
  • International Cooking Nights with a renowned chef
  • Global Intercultural Fluency Training and personalized academic workshops
  • Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment & Coaching Session

Residence Placement

Students in the Global LLC will be placed in McLuhan Court and all eligible candidates will be guaranteed Residence so long as they meet application and eligibility requirements.


Hear from our students!


In the Global LLC, I loved being exposed to new topics that I was not aware of before, such as topics about the indigenous, privilege, global culture…I learnt a lot from the speakers!

My favorite memory in this LLC is in the first GIFTS workshop when people are sharing an item representing their homeland, it was fun to hear about others’ stories! I would recommend living in this LLC because it is an opportunity for you to meet new friends and an easy way to gain CCR.

To be part of the Global LLC, I had to enrol in ANT102, which is an anthropology course. Honestly, being a mathematical student, this course fulfilled my distribution requirement for social sciences. And actually, the course is not hard and does not have a heavy workload, even if anthropology challenged me in some ways. I appreciate the course content though, as I learnt more about theories of anthropology, such as whether magic is logical!