Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Application Process

First year students do not have the option to select roommates. Upper year students have the option to select roommates if they receive a housing offer. 

In the UTM Undergrad Academic Year application, you will need to indicate your interest in a Living Learning Community and complete the LLC Supplementary Application by the deadline. The supplementary application can be found at the very end of the application and will be reviewed by the quality of answers. Once you've submitted your LLC application, you will receive notice on whether or not you've been accepted to an LLC on the same day students receive their housing confirmation. 

Please keep in mind that students will need to enrol in mandatory courses if accepted. More information about this process will be provided via email. 

Yes, regardless of the style of housing you receive, all students in residence must have a Student Meal Plan. A Student Meal Plan ensures your dining requirements are covered for the academic year, allowing you to focus on other activities that will help you succeed at UTM. If you have questions about what meal plan is best for you, we recommend that you visit the Student Meal Plan website ( or contact the Hospitality & Ancillary Services office at or by phone at 905-569-4795.

We will work with you individually to best accommodate your needs. Please submit the Personalized Accommodation Request within the StarRez application by the application deadline. The accommodation process is not intended to address transition-related stress, and you are not guaranteed a space by completing the request form. It is also encouraged to contact Accessibility Services if you need further assistance. If you have any questions, please call 905-569-4699 or email See our dates & deadlines here: 

While completing the UTM Undergrad Academic Year application, students will be asked to select Same Gender - Female, Same Gender - Male, and Mixed Gender housing. 

Here are some questions to consider while making your choice: 

  • Am I required to identify my gender? In the residence application, students have the option of selecting their gender as either: Man, Woman, Transgender Man, Transgender Woman, Transgender Person, Two Spirit, Gender Queer/NonBinary, Prefer Not to Answer or An Identity Not Listed.
  • Does choosing a mixed-gender housing arrangement mean I will only be able to live in a certain building style? No. Your selection of same-gender or mixed-gender housing arrangement does not impact the community or building-style you are assigned to. Mixed and same gender units are located in all areas of residence.
  • Can I still request to live with roommates of the same gender as me? Yes. You will be given the opportunity to select your gender as well as ‘Mixed-Gender’ or ‘Same-Gender’ housing. Select a ‘Same-Gender’ housing arrangement if you would rather live with roommates of the same gender as you.
  • Will my selection of mixed-gender or same-gender affect the priority of my residence application? No. If you meet the requirements for a Residence Guarantee, then neither your gender identity nor your mixed-gender or same-gender housing selection will impact the priority of your offer. However, if you are on the waitlist, your selection could impact the order in which you receive an offer depending on our stock of available units. If you have any questions about your specific application, be sure to contact us

A student's waitlist number is based on date and time the applications are received. Waitlist number updates will be sent weekly after confirmation emails have been sent.

Receiving a spot in residence from the waitlist: 

  • As spaces become available in a specific category, offers will be made.
  • If a waitlist category is exhausted then an alternate category will be used to fill the space. This process will continue until no space remains or the waitlist is exhausted;
  • We will notify applicants through e-mail when a room becomes available and require an answer within two (2) business days. If we do not receive an email back within that time frame your application will be cancelled. Please ensure to keep your contact information up-to-date directly through ACORN.

Cancelling from the waitlist:

  • If we offer you a residence room and you decline because you would like another housing style, your application will be cancelled. 
  • If you find alternate housing and you would like to cancel off the waitlist, please cancel via the Cancellation/Withdrawal form found in your StarRez application. Verbal or phone cancellations will not be accepted. The application fee and acceptance deposit are non-refundable.

The waitlist will remain active throughout the academic year.

  1. Login to StarRez at with your UTORid and password.
  2. First years will select "My Applications" and Upper Years will select "Upper Year Returner"
  3. Go to "Application Offer"
  4. Under "Select Next Step" click "Accept Offer & Pay Acceptance Deposit"
  5. Pay the $1,650 non-refundable and non-transferable acceptance deposit. 
  6. Click "Submit Acceptance"

Please ensure you have done the above steps before the deadline. Dates and deadlines can be found here:

The acceptance deposit is applied towards the total cost of living in residence. More information about your residence fees can be found here:

We will send room & roommate information mid-July prior to the academic year. You will receive the building/residence area, room style, your roommate(s) names & emails. If you did not receive this information, we encourage you to check your UToronto email account and spam folders before contacting us. 

Fees & Payments

The $350 application fee and the $1650 acceptance deposit are non-refundable and non-transferable. We recommend students to cancel before the financial responsibility deadline. Dates and deadlines can be found here: You can see this policy referenced in the Occupancy Agreement:

After you pay the $1,650 acceptance fee, you will have secured your space in residence. The $1,650 will be added as a credit to your ACORN account and you will receive further communication regarding room & roommate information in July. This deposit can be used towards paying off tuition & residence fees.

The $350 application fee and the $1650 acceptance deposit are non-refundable and non-transferable. We recommend students to cancel before the financial responsibility deadline. Dates and deadlines can be found here: You can see this policy referenced in the Occupancy Agreement:

The $1650 is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you would like your guaranteed First Year Housing, you will be required to pay the $1650 acceptance deposit. You can also decide not to pay, which will officially cancel your offer of residence. You can then request from residence to un-cancel your application at a later date. However, you will no longer have a residence guarantee and/or offer and will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist. You will be given a spot when one becomes available.

Your residence fees will be posted to your ACORN account. Once they have been posted, you will be required to pay the fees in two instalments. One instalment is due September 30 and one is due November 30 (without deferral). More information on residence payments can be found here: 

Move-In & Orientation

Unfortunately we will not be accomodating early move-ins at this time. We have arranged preferred rates with hotels for family accommodations should you be in the area before your designated move-in date and time.

The beds are typically a Twin XL size. The dimensions for a Twin XL is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. 

We recommend students to bring only the essentials they may need here in residence. There are many grocery stores, shopping malls, and places to buy additional items to make your new home nice and cozy! Find out more on our preparation checklist here:

There is no extra storage space in the residences so we cannot store any of the current furniture that is in your room. For this reason, the furniture provided must remain in the unit. If you choose to bring extra furniture for the common area in your unit, you can do so pending space available.

For more information about Orientation, stay tuned to the UTM Orientation page

Residence orientation activities are highly encouraged by all students. Some events are mandatory because students will learn vital information regarding how to live in residence, important numbers and processes, and supports. Additionally, we have many events included to help you get to know other students in residence and make friends! More information on our orientation program can be found here: 

Living in Residence

In September shortly after move-in day, you will be asked to do a House Meeting with your roommates to discuss living habits & a cleaning schedule. Students are required to maintain their own spaces and work with their roommates to clean. Dons will conduct House Checks once a month (except Sept, Dec, and Apr). We do not provide students with cleaning. 

We encourage students to bring only the essentials on move-in day and see how they would like to fill their space after they have seen it. Students are permitted to have a mini-fridge in their units.

Students cannot have a microwave, hot plate, or kettle in their bedroom. All of the appliances listed must be used in a common space.

We do not have a curfew in residence, however, we do have quiet hours. Quiet hours begin at 11:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday and 1:00 AM on Friday and Saturday. Quiet hours end at 8:00 AM. During exam months, December & April, we have a 24 hour quiet hour rule in effect.

Laundry machines can be found in every area of residence. Students will be able to access the laundry room in their area only. There are washers and dryers that are card activated. On move-in day, students will receive a laundry card containing around $90 to use throughout the year. If you run out of funds, you can add funds using the reload machines located around residence. 

Our facilities team are dedicated to maintaining a safe and comfortable living situation for students. If you have a maintenance request, you can submit a Work Order to let our facilities team know. This request will be prioritized and addressed at the earliest convenience. Learn more about work orders here:  

We have lots of events, activities, gatherings, and opportunities for you to meet other students. We highly recommend joining our Orientation events in September to get the year started. Additionally, you can find we have a variety of options for students to join large scale events and smaller ones throughout the year. When you move-in, ask your Don more questions about how to get involved!