Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Work Order Request


If you are a late move-in student, please submit a work order within 7 days of moving-in regarding any pre-existing damages or issues with your unit. This is to prevent being charged at time of move-out. 

How to submit a Work Order: Please view detailed instructions with photos here.

  1. Login to StarRez at with your UTORid and Password 

  2. In the top bar OR in the drop down menu, select Maintenance

  3. If it does not appear for you, please allow for 2-4 business days after your check-in 

  4. Select the Room Category. Please make sure the room you select is highlighted in GREY. If it is not highlighted grey, the work order will not be submitted.

    Step 3
  5. Select New Request and fill out the form accordingly.
    In order to assist our Technicians in diagnosing the issue you are experiencing we ask that you be as detailed as possible in both the location and description of the problem (ie. The light in the upstairs hall is burned out, when I swipe my keycard no light flashes)

  6. Click the “SAVE REQUEST” button to properly submit your Work Order

Any follow-up from Maintenance technicians will be noted in the original work order description field, please check back there before re-submitting a work order or contacting the Residence Services Desk. This can be done by logging into StarRez and viewing the submitted work order. 


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By submitting a work order you are granting access to your space to Student Housing and Residence Life employees and their authorized agents for the purposes of making the requested repairs between the hours of 8:00 am - 7:00 pm until the required repairs have been completed.

The normal hours for carrying out maintenance work are Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 7:00 pm and the work order system is not checked outside of these times. If you are experiencing an emergency (ie. Flooding, Lock problem, etc.) you should contact your Don-On-Duty immediately to have your situation assessed!

Need to submit more than one request?

If you need to submit more than one request at the same time we ask that you use a separate text box for each request. Remember that you can only submit a work order for common space (inside or outside of your unit) or your own bedroom. Work orders submitted on behalf of roommates or text boxes that contain multiple requests will be closed!


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Work Order Priorities

Work order requests are completed in priority sequence and we aim to have all requests addressed within 2 business days. Be aware that during peak times of the year (September, January and March) and in cases where we need to contact an external contractor or tradesperson (ie. plumber, electrician, etc) you may experience a delay in the completion of your work request.


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Work Order Surveys

Upon completion of your work order, you will receive an email with a survey to ask how we did! 

Please Note:

During the Winter Break Closure, Student Housing & Residence Life will have maintenance staff available on an on-call basis only. During this time the work order system will not be accepting work orders. If your work request is of an urgent nature or an emergency, please contact Don on Duty at 289-805-0580. For additional information on emergency work please visit our Winter Break Housing page.

If you are unsure if your concern is an emergency, please contact the Residence Services Desk at or by phone at 905-828-5286 for assistance.