In each residence area, there is a Don-On-Duty available to help you with any emergency situation when your own Don is unavailable and the Residence Services Desk is closed. Don’t hesitate to call the Don-on-Duty as they are there for you and want to make sure you’re safe and comfortable in residence. Please notify the Don-On-Duty if you’ve called 911 for any reason. The Don-on-Duty also does rounds of their area during quiet hours to ensure community members are following the guidelines set out in the Residence Community Standards.

Don On Duty: 289-805-0580

Don-on-Duty operates outside the operational hours of the Residence Services Desk, excluding weekends (on-duty 24 hours) and holidays (on-duty 24 hours).

Due to our current situation, Don-on-Duty may ask you a series of questions before responding and our response times may be different than during the school year. Please be aware Don-on-Duty will be limiting in-person interactions with students to ensure the safety of our community.