Prioritizing Work Orders

Priority 1:

Immediate Response

  • Floods i.e. toilets overflowing, pipe leaks, broken plumbing, roof leaks, etc.;

  • Live faulty electrical fixtures or devices;

  • Power outage to an entire building, floor or suite;

  • Faulty locking mechanisms or card access systems, not allowing exit or entrance to an area or room (eg. Personal rooms, apartment doors or buildings);

  • Fire system failures on a building wide level i.e. building alarm bells will not activate, individual smoke detectors in rooms going into false alarm;

  • Fire or Explosion;

  • No heat on a building wide level or individual room;

  • All fire safety device malfunctions i.e. missing or non-functioning fire extinguishers, exit signs, exit lights, smoke and heat sensing devices, fire pull stations, fire bells;

  • Damaged doors, (where security of student compromised) i.e. kicked in and can’t be secured, pulled from hinges and could fall off or jamb, doors in stairwells and corridors that form fire separations, personal rooms or apartments that are not latching when closed.

  • Emergency Clean ups (spills, floods, vomit, obscene graffiti);

  • Broken window clean up and render area safe;

  • Fixtures in danger of falling and causing personal injury i.e. drop ceiling that has become unanchored, hanging light fixtures, eaves hanging, cupboards or balcony railings that have come unattached;

Pest control (Bed bugs only).


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Priority 2:

48 Hour Response

  • Plugged toilets or other bathroom fixtures;

  • Leaking/dripping washroom or kitchen fixtures;

  • Power outages i.e. receptacles and lights out in student rooms and common areas;

  • Malfunctioning light fixtures, exit signs, hand dryers, (switches, outlets which cannot be repaired by resetting breaker) i.e. light burnt out, device has stopped working;

  • Exterior lighting;

  • Blinds and drapes off bedroom windows;

  • Fridge or stove not working;

  • Door closers and other door malfunctions;

  • Garbage overflowing /removal, bins or pails required.

  • Broken glass in non critical areas;

  • Pest control;

  • Building or area exhaust fans not working.



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Priority 3:

3 to 5 Working Day Response

  • Air Conditioning not working;

  • Broken furniture i.e. beds, desks and desk chairs;

  • Broken or missing towel bars or hooks;

  • Window screens;

  • Damaged drywall;

  • Mailbox key cutting;

  • Vacuum repairs/maintenance;

  • Bed height adjustments;

  • Shower curtain replacement;

  • Carpet cleaning.