Communication, Culture, Information & Technology (CCIT) LLC



The CCIT (Communication, Culture, Information and Technology) LLC is for first-year students interested in new technologies and the interactions between media, technology, culture, and communication. As media and technology becomes a rapidly growing sector worldwide, students looking for creative pursuits in digital media and technology are encouraged to apply to this LLC. 


Course Requirements

Students in the CCIT LLC must be enrolled in both CCT109 ‘Contemporary Communication Technologies’ and CCT110 ‘Rhetoric and Media’. These courses are required for any student interested in pursuing a program in Digital Enterprise Management; CCIT; Professional Writing and Communication; Technology, Coding & Society; or a Professional Experience Certificate in Digital Media, Communication and Technology.

LLC Program Highlights

Through the unique programming offered, in the past, members of this community have participated in the following:

  • Exclusive LLC Orientation & End-of-Year Dinner/Social
  • Field trips with faculty to Glowzone and Skyzone
  • Residence Vlog Contest
  • Board games, painting, bowling, and dinner with faculty
  • Upper-year and alumni AMA panels

Residence Placement

Students in the CCIT LLC will be placed in Oscar Peterson Hall and all eligible candidates will be guaranteed residence so long as they meet application and eligibility requirements.