Computer Science LLC

CompSci LLC


The Computer Science (Comp Sci) LLC is for first-year students interested in computation, computer programming, software engineering, machine learning, cryptography, human-machine interaction, and numerical analysis.  In a fast-growing industry that offers many career opportunities in this field, students are encouraged to apply to this LLC. 

Course Requirement

Students in the Comp Sci LLC must be enrolled in both CSC108 ‘Introduction to Computer Programming’ and CSC148 ‘Introduction to Computer Science’. These courses are required for students interested in pursuing a program in Bioinformatics, Computer Science, or Information Security. Learn more about these programs here.

LLC Program Highlights

Through the unique programming offered, in the past, members of this community have participated in the following:

  • Exclusive LLC Orientation & End-of-Year Dinner/Social
  • Field trips with faculty to Ontario Science Centre, Glowzone, and Skyzone
  • Programming Contest
  • Board games, bowling, and dinner with faculty
  • Upper-year and alumni AMA panels
  • SciNet supercomputer tour

Residence Placement

Students in the Comp Sci LLC will be placed in Oscar Peterson Hall and all eligible candidates will be guaranteed Residence so long as they meet application and eligibility requirements.

Hear from our students!



What I loved most about living in the CompSci LLC was being surrounded by people in the same program as me. The friends I made in the community also became instant study buddies since we shared similar courses, and we were able to help each other overcome different challenges and struggles as we understood the stress and difficulty of the assignments and tests that we all had to do. The Computer Science LLC felt like a community, and I appreciate all the friends I have made from living in this community. 
My favourite memory in the Computer Science LLC was a faculty-field trip where we went glow-in-the-dark mini-putting with Computer Science professors and teaching assistants. It was a nice night out to destress with friends from all of our schoolwork, and I was able to connect with professors in my program in a more casual, fun setting. Also, I think it's safe to say that glow-in-the-dark mini-putting with professors is a very rare opportunity so it was definitely a time to remember. 
For me, the Computer Science LLC really supported my transition into first year. The Computer Science program is quite competitive and there is a lot to learn regarding resources and skills here at UTM. It was definitely overwhelming at first, but our Don and LLC PF (Program Facilitator) were highly supportive in answering our questions and addressing our concerns. They also led very informative workshops that gave us the basics in what we need to know here at UTM in the Computer Science program. There are also many exciting opportunities to participate in in the LLC such as field trips with Computer Science professors and game nights so I highly recommend applying to be part of the Computer Science LLC! 
To be part of the Computer Science LLC, I had to take CSC108 (Introduction to Programming) and CSC148 (Introduction to Computer Science). My favourite part of CSC108 was the weekly coding assignments. Each week, we were assigned a series of functions to implement, each pertaining to something we learned in class that week. They were fun challenges to problem-solve and they really tested my creative and strategic-thinking skills.

My favourite part of CSC148 was our weekly lab sessions in the computer labs in Deerfield Hall. Similar to CSC108, each week, we would go to a computer lab and work on some coding problems related to that week's lessons. I had a lot of fun developing solutions with a friend as the labs encouraged collaboration, and it was interesting to see how others approached different coding problems. These courses will help me in my program pathway as they are required for the Computer Science major and specialist but they also serve as a solid foundation for all the work I will be doing in my upper years.