Summer Residence

Summer Residence

About Summer Housing

Summer housing at UTM is available to students who are affiliated with the University of Toronto and enrolled in a degree granting program OR if you are a new student enrolled in the Academic Culture and English (ACE) Program.

Students will be placed in housing based on their category: 

  • Undergraduate students - Roy Ivor Hall & Erindale Hall
  • Academic Culture & English (ACE) Program - Oscar Peterson Hall
  • Graduate and Medical students - Schreiberwood

Application Process

The application opens in mid-February. You can view our dates & deadlines below.

  1. Login to StarRez at with your UTORid and password.
  2. Select: "Summer Housing" Application
  3. Complete all steps of the application
  4. Ensure you pay the $350 non-refundable application fee
  5. Submit your application by the deadline.

Responding To Your Summer Offer

If you receive an offer of Summer Housing, you will be required to respond to this offer by accepting or declining. Steps on how to do so are listed below: 

  1. Login to StarRez at with your UTORid and password.
  2. Select: "Summer Housing" Application
  3. Go to "Application Offer"
  4. Under "Select Next Step" click the option to accept or decline your offer
  5. Click "Submit"

Residence Fees Schedules

Please see the following link for the current Summer Residence Fees Schedules:

Housing fees posted to your ACORN account can be paid at your bank or financial institution. This includes any additional charge that may occur during your academic year, for example, damages or lockout fees etc.

Outstanding balances on ACORN will be subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% compounded annually (19.56% per annum). See

Late Move-In

Late move-in students are categorized as students who are given an offer past the move-in date as posted in our dates & deadlines. Late move-in students will receive an offer email containing their move-in date. The total fees will be pro-rated and correspond with move-in date in your offer email and the chart below. This total charge will be reflected on your ACORN account when fees are posted.

Coming Soon

Dates & Deadlines

The Summer Housing transfer period will be unique to each student and where they are living. More details to be sent via email. 

Student CategoryDeadlineDate
AllSummer Housing Application OpensFebruary 16, 2024
AllSummer Housing Application & Personalized Accommodation Request Form Submission Deadline                          March 6, 2024
Current Grad/Med TenantsSummer Housing Confirmation Sent via EmailMarch 15, 2024
Und 1st Half/2nd Half/Full TermSummer Housing Confirmation Sent via EmailMarch 22, 2024
New Grad & MedSummer Housing Confirmation Sent via EmailMarch 22, 2024
Und 1st Half/2nd Half/Full TermSummer Housing Acceptance DeadlineMarch 29, 2024
1st Half & Full Term1st Half and Full Term Summer Housing Financial Responsibility DeadlineApril 6, 2024
1st Half/Full Term/New GradSummer Housing New UND Move-In DayMay 5, 2024
1st Half & Full TermSummer Housing Transfer Period

First week of May

More details to be send to your UToronto email

2nd Half2nd Half Summer Housing Financial Responsibility DeadlineMay 29, 2024
MedicalSummer Housing Move-In DayJune 4, 2024
1st HalfFirst Half Move-Out DayJune 24, 2024
ACEACE Move-In DayTentative: June 27, 2024
ACEACE Residence Orientation BeginsTentative: June 27, 2024
2nd HalfSecond Half Move-In DayJune 28, 2024
Grad/Med/2nd Half/FullSummer Housing Move-Out DayAugust 18, 2024 @ 12:00 PM
ACEACE Move-Out DayTentative: August 24, 2024

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