Your Role

YOUR ROLE as a neighbourhood watch member is really up to you. Nothing needs to change from how you live now but we hope that everyone will do their little part in creating a safer community. The main role of a Neighbourhood Watch member is simply reporting suspicious activity. NO community member should ever try to intervene or actively prevent a crime from being committed. Safe City Mississauga says:

“Too many time we witness suspicious activity but fail to react properly or in a timely fashion. If you witness suspicious activity or see something that does not make sense, DON’T rationalize it away or fail to react. Note a description and direction of travel, and then contact police. Your actions may prevent you or your neighbours from being the victim of crime.” - Safe City Mississauga

If you witness any suspicious activity (Individuals you do not recognize around your community who look like they shouldn’t be there – Individuals in or around trees, behind buildings, outside of windows) please report it to Campus Safety immediately. We say do the ‘tummy test’, if something doesn’t feel right there is a good chance it isn’t.

A safe active role that you can take is having a conversation about safety with your partner, children, friends and/or roommates. You could discuss ensuring that you are keeping doors and windows locked, especially at night or when you are not at home. Share phone numbers with one another. Get in the habit of sharing when you will be home or if you will be coming in and out at extreme hours, such as really early in the morning or really late at night. Another important role is getting to know your community. Introduce yourself to your neighbours, attend community events so you become familiar with those who are living in your direct area making it easier to spot suspicious activity or individuals.