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Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

Please contact Accessibility Services at 905-569-4699 if you have a question that is not answered below.

Is special consideration given to students with disabilities who are applying to UTM?

All students, regardless of disability, are evaluated on the same criteria. There are no specific exceptions for students with disabilities. However, if you feel that there are extenuating or special circumstances which the admissions office needs to know about, please visit the University of Toronto's Applying for Special Consideration webpage.

If you require further information about the admission process, please call the admissions counsellors at 905-828-5399.

Is there an orientation program my son/daughter can participate in so they can learn about the campus and its services?

Accessibility Services offers a comprehensive academic skills program for students with disabilities where they will learn about campus resources, services and strategies that will be useful to them when they begin their academic year. Please go to the Summer Academic Skills Institute web page for more information.

Is my daughter/son eligible for the services offered through Accessibility Services?

To be eligible to receive services through Accessibility Services, your daughter/son must be a registered University of Toronto student (has submitted their acceptance to attend the University of Toronto Mississauga) and have a documented disability including:

  • Physical disability (e.g. spina bifida, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy, back injury, etc.)
  • Medical condition (e.g. cancer, lupus, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc)
  • Mental health disability (e.g. depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.)
  • Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing
  • Blind or low vision
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Learning disability
  • Acquired brain injury/head injury
  • Temporary disabilities (e.g., broken dominant arm)

How does my daughter/son access the services offered?

As soon as your daughter/son accepts their offer to attend UTM, they are encouraged to contact Accessibility Services at 905-569-4699. All students registering with Accessibility Services must provide updated medical documentation or a psycho-educational report.  The documentation can be uploaded to the Accessibility Information Management System (AIMS) or dropped off in person to the Accessibility main office (room 2037B, Davis Building).

We recommend that individuals with medical conditions that may only be an issue at times of high stress or only occur occasionally register with Accessibility Services in September to ensure that they do not have to wait to access services later in the academic year.

Who will manage their academic accommodations?

Students are ultimately responsible for managing their own accommodations. The staff at Accessibility Services will assist first year students in understanding the accommodation process and procedures.  Accessibility Services staff also assist students in understanding how their disability will affect them in the university environment.

How do we locate a personal care attendant?

UTM has a working relationship with the Ontario March of Dimes.  Once your daughter/son has accepted their offer to attend UTM, they must contact Accessibility Services and the Ontario March of Dimes.  UTM does not recruit or train personal care attendants so obtaining an attendant is the responsibility of the student and/or family.  The UTM residence expects that if the student requires a personal care attendant, the student will arrive on campus with one in place.
If you have questions please contact Accessibility Services at 905-569-4699 or email

My child experiences seizures. Are there staff to check on them overnight in the residence?

No.  If there is a serious concern that the student may have constant problems overnight and will require frequent monitoring, then living in residence on campus may not be an appropriate place for the student to live.  Your child may be safer living with a relative or personal care attendant.

How do I find out more about financial aid?

The Office of the Registrar has a financial aid officer who can answer your questions.  Please visit the Financial Aid webpage for more information.

What other sources of help are available for students?

Student Affairs First Year Programs at UTM

Please check the Centre for Student Engagement 

Office of the Registrar

Academic Advising provides information related to degree requirements, University rules and regulations, interpretation of the calendar and personal or academic concerns that influence academic performance.

UTM's Health & Counselling Centre (905-828-5255) offers confidential services to assist students in achieving and maintaining physical and emotional health while studying at UTM.  Most services are free to UTM students. The service is staffed by professional nurses, physicians, counselors and psychiatrists. The staff takes pride in providing appropriate, supportive and confidential service to UTM's rich diversity of students.
Students are encouraged to come and discuss any concerns with the nurses and physicians.  

Housing and Residence Life (905-828-5286)
Information about applying to live in residence, application deadlines and accessible housing.