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We have many resources, programs and services to help build your knowledge about the world of work, your own skills and interests, and the skills and/or further education you need to take your next steps.  While you are here at UTM, take advantage of the specialized career counselling and employment strategizing appointments, as well as our many resources and programs.  In addition to your studies, we can help you be well-prepared to take your next steps after graduation.

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Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx) 

Career & Co-Curricular Learning NetworkThe Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network is an online portal that gives U of T students access to Career Centre services across all three U of T Career Centres. Students have access to hundreds of postings that include part-time, volunteer, casual, summer, and work-study opportunities both on- and off-campus.  

To access the full-time job board, students must attend a Now That I'm Graduating, What's Next? (NTIGWN) orientation session. Start exploring CLNx here.


Co-Curricular (CCR) Bundles

""The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official Institutional document that recognizes your involvement outside the classroom as a significant part of your U of T experience.

The CCR connects the competencies you gain from various opportunities across U of T directly to skills that employers and graduate schools look for to help you build your resumes and applications.

The UTM Career Centre has created eight CCR bundles to help with your career development throughout your years at U of T and up to two years after graduation. These bundles are linked to some of the services we provide such as Fairs, Workshops, Appointments and more.



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*Career Centre services are available only to U of T students & recent graduates (within two years of graduation).