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Career Learning Network (CLN) 

Career Learning NetworkThe Career Learning Network is an online portal that gives U of T students access to Career Centre services across all three U of T Career Centres. Students have access to hundreds of postings that include part-time, volunteer, casual, summer, and work study opportunities both on- and off-campus.  

To access the full-time job board, students must attend a Now That I'm Graduating, What's Next? (NTIGWN) orientation session. Start exporing CLN here.

Career Exploration 101 -  Prep Module 

Career Exploration with business attire constellationsGot 15 minutes?

Explore our new online prep module in order to take part in the Extern Job Shadowing program, participate in our In The Field company site visits, and access our Information Interview database. 

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*Career Centre services are available only to U of T students & recent graduates (within two years of graduation).