Career Profiles

When deciding upon a career direction, it is important to reflect on your interests, skills that you like to use, values and your personality type. The following career profiles have been packaged together through conversations with professionals specific to those careers, as well as by research done by your peers with your needs in mind. We hope that you will find these career profiles helpful as you navigate through the journey of career decision-making. Remember, if you need to connect with a Career Counsellor to discuss your concerns, you can always make an appointment by calling 905-828-5451. We are happy to partner with you on your journey. Also, check out this How the Career Centre Can Help pdf that lists many of the services and resources available at the Career Centre.

Activism, diversity and equality, non-profit

Communications, marketing and writing

Computer and Technology

Economics and finance



Government and HR

Health and sciences

Law, psychology, sociology, counselling and political science



Other packages