Investigate Academic Careers

Before starting any job search, it is prudent to investigate the career from the perspective of industry trends, employer demand and requirements to be competitive. This is especially true of academic careers today. Although the idea of becoming a professor may seem straightforward, the field of higher education is in constant flux, affecting academic job seekers in a variety of ways. 

This section includes:  

  • Links to labour market information and analysis 
  • Academic job search sites 

Labour Market Information 

A variety of sources of Labour Market information on academic careers can help to create a picture of your potential future in academia. The federal and provincial governments issue forecasts of the demand for University Professors (National Occupational Classification Code - NOC 4121) and other allied professions which often include Post-Secondary Teaching and Research Assistants (NOC 4122), and College and Other Vocational Instructors (NOC 4131). 

 Although these projections are available, they may not be up-to-date or accurately reflect the demand in your field. Reading as many sources as possible and finding information on your intended discipline (if possible) is recommended for a well-informed perspective on academic career paths. Going beyond published information and talking to professors and other scholars pursuing academic careers is also highly recommended. The links below can help you access career outlooks based on government estimates, information on trends affecting employment in this field, and analyses of the academic labour market realities Canadian graduate students face today. 

Links to Academic Job Postings

The following sites can be used to find academic postings. Reviewing, monitoring and analyzing them in conjunction with the academic labour market research and analysis presented above can give a more concrete picture of demand for positions in your field, employer requirements and how to meet them. Many of the sites also list non-academic positions that require advanced degrees, which can also be useful in thinking about careers in other industries.

Also check the HR and Careers sites of the universities and colleges you are interested in. 

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