Resume & Cover Letter Resources

The resume and cover letter are the two most important documents you will create to get the employer to notice your potential match with their position.

Discover how you can take that basic document, possibly created from a template, and make it better so you will be noticed.


What's in a resume

What's in a Resume?

  • Basic components of the resume.
  • Learn strategies for what to include.
  • Examples for presenting experience.
what about a cover letter

Cover letter?

  • Do employers read cover letters?
  • What to include.
  • Tailoring and showcasing your qualification.
get noticed

Get Noticed!

  • How do I take my resume beyond the basic?
  • Showcase unpaid experience.
  • Do employers read the documents.
Resume Design

Formatting Matters

  • Select a format that promotes you.
  • Showcase how your strengths meet needs. of the employer
  • General guidelines.
No Experience

No experience?

  • Learn how to share skills developed through Academic Studies.
  • Learn strategies for what to include.
  • Examples by Degree area.

Critiques & Resources

  • Learn how to book an appointment.
  • Develop your job search strategy.
  • Get help from an employment strategist.