Online Workshops and E-Modules

In order to provide students with access to many options, some of our workshops are offered live virtually (register through CLNx), and some are provided 24/7 through Quercus. Please note that Quercus works best when using Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

Workshop Categories

Career Planning

Smart Job Hunting

Further Education

Explore Careers

Professionalism in the Workplace



Career Planning

Know Yourself

A course designed by the Career Centre to help you with questions about what to do after you graduate. This course is a starting point to help you articulate who you are, what you want in a career and helps you begin to develop.

Asynchronous in Quercus (Know Yourself) 


Opportunities Mindset



Program Selection

Come learn about how to choose your programs, including what is a Specialist, Major and Minor; the difference between Type 1, 2 and 3 programs, use of the Subject POSt request periods and how you can explore the connect between your program and career interests. The session is offered jointly with the Office of the Registrar.


Put Your Psychology Degree to Work

Learn about the diverse career options for undergraduate psychology students in:

  • Social and community services
  • Law enforcement roles
  • Education
  • Business

This workshop will also help you gain skills and knowledge to start developing your own career path.


Refused from Your Program, Now What?

Don't meet the entry requirements for your program of choice? Think you will receive a refusal from your program? What's next? How do you find your best fit? This workshop will help you plan your next steps as we develop strategies to help you reach your academic and career goals.


The Story of You

In this workshop, you will learn how to articulate your story and understand how the lens with which you view the world impacts your goals and career exploration. This understanding will boost your confidence and ability to tell your story to others.


    Your Science Degree Under the Microscope

    Where can your B.Sc. lead you? Unsure where to start?

    This workshop will help you better understand the many options available and gain the skills and knowledge to develop your own career focus.

    If you are studying biology, chemistry, environment, biotechnology or forensic science, then this is an ideal workshop for you.




      Smart Job Hunting

      Building and Developing Professional Relationships Online

      This session will help you identify potential contacts, develop a strategy for reaching out and develop and maintain contacts.


        Building Your Resume and Cover Letter

        Need a resume and cover letter for your job search? Want to know how employers review documents?
        This workshop will help you build your resume for the first time or update your current version. If you have a resume, please bring it to the workshop with a job description to get some peer feedback.
        Never written a cover letter? Learn the tricks and start writing your cover letter.


        Effective Interviews

        Preparation is crucial to an effective job interview. Learn what steps you can take to prepare for an in-person interview so that you can anticipate questions and leave a positive impression with your potential employer. This session includes hands-on practice interview time and feedback.


        Employer and Alumni Panel

        Hear from employers and alumni for tips and advice on job searching.


          Finding Internships and Summer Jobs

          Internship, management trainee program, or summer job all spell WORK EXPERIENCE.

          Come out to an informative session on how to get valuable work experience this summer.


            Finding Part-time Work

            Did you know that the majority of campus part-time jobs are filled by late-September? Attend this workshop to learn about these opportunities and the best way to apply to part-time opportunities on-campus and off-campus.

            • tbd


              How to Identify and Communicate Your Strengths to Employers

              What are the things about your education and experiences that will be important to communicate on your resume, cover letter, during interviews and at Networking Events? 
              This workshop will help you discover how to communicate your strengths.


                Job Search for New Grads During COVID-19

                Learn about labour market trends during the COVID-19 economy (recorded in May 2020)


                  Learn to Network

                  Discover proven techniques to introduce yourself to potential networking contacts and industry professionals. Learn to confidently manage yourself in business and social settings and leave a positive lasting impression.


                  LinkedIn Essentials

                  The UTM Career Centre can help you build and strengthen your LinkedIn profile! LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform where you can connect with millions of professionals, employers and job opportunities.

                  Join us for this interactive workshop to:

                  • Learn how to build a profile that will impress employers
                  • Create a unique headline and summary section
                  • Find out how to look for jobs and expand your professional network.



                  Now That I’m Graduating What’s Next

                  Are you are a recent graduate or graduating over the next year? Are you looking for full-time employment upon graduation or you are not sure on the next steps in your career? Attend this workshop to:

                  • Identify your target area, learn to market yourself and help you identify a variety of job search methods
                  • Learn about the mysterious ‘hidden job market’
                  • Effectively match your skills to the needs of employers
                  • Create a job search plan
                  • Gain access to the full-time jobs posted on CLNx (attending this session is mandatory to gain access to full-time job postings)





                    Further Education

                    Is Teaching in Your Future

                    After an introductory look at what to consider in your decision to pursue teaching, this session will provide information about the application process requirements to the B.Ed., M.Ed., and MT) teacher education programs.



                    Want a career in law? Find out how to prepare an effective law school application in this informative session.

                    Learn about admission requirements, the process of applying, preparing for the LSAT and gaining relevant experience that will help you stand out as an applicant.


                    Mastering the Personal Statement

                    You are more than just your GPA! Learn how to highlight your experience, interests, accomplishments and goals. This workshop will help you understand what it takes to write a powerful personal statement.



                    Is Medical School for you?

                    Considering Med School but not sure what it takes to pursue a career in the medical filed?

                    This info session will shed light on some of the factors that can make you a competitive candidate plus the application process demystified.


                      Road to Graduate School

                      Learn about the various types of graduate and further education options, and their pros and cons for reaching your career goals. This workshop also covers the process of applying and the steps you can take now to prepare a strong application for your program of choice.


                      Road to Graduate School - Psychology

                      This grad school info session is tailored for Psychology students.

                      Learn about the process of applying for graduate school, the steps that you need to take and the criteria used for choosing applicants.




                      Explore Careers

                      Career Exploration 101

                      Learn how to explore careers independently and via Career Centre programs. Completing this module gives you access to Career Centre Career Exploration programs.




                      Professionalism in the Workplace

                      Asking Good Questions

                      Learn the benefits of asking good questions, their characteristics and how to ask them.


                      Business Communication

                      Learn to write business emails and letters along with professional communication etiquette.


                      Disability and the Workplace

                      Increase your understanding of disability issues and how everyone can contribute to workplace success.


                      Diversity and Inclusion at Work

                      Learn how you can contribute and what you will gain from a diverse and inclusive workplace.


                      Networking in the Workplace

                      Learn strategies and tips for engaging in networking in the workplace.


                      Professionalism 101

                      Learn the fundamentals of professionalism.


                      Working Effectively with Your Supervisor

                      Learn how to work productively with your supervisor.


                      Working in Teams

                      Learn how to be an effective team member.