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Using the Resume and Cover Letter Toolkit below will help you write an effective resume and cover letter. In addition, we recommend that you talk to industry professionals in your career area. There can be occupation-specific preferences and norms that you need to understand and incorporate. 

Our Resume Toolkit Samples page below provides some ideas of how to present your information but are not templates. 

Also consider doing research on resumes for your geographic location - North America can be different from those used in other parts of the world. Visit Goinglobal on CLNx (under the Resources tab) for more information.

Did you know many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes? Read more about preparing resume content for Applicant Tracking Systems.

3 Steps to Creating an  Effective Resume

  1. Develop a Marketing Strategy. What kind of companies do you want to target? What are these Companies looking for? What examples do you have where you have demonstrated these qualifications? More on Developing a Marketing Strategy. 
  2. Prepare Content. What experiences should you include? How do you communicate these experiences in a way that appeals to the reader? How can you write content that will be effective with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). More on Preparing Content here. 
  3. Format and Edit. How do you choose a format that effectively demonstrates your qualifications? Making it look great, easy to understand and error-free! More on Format and Editing here. 


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