Our Mission, Vision, and Values

At the UTM Career Centre, we hold our mission, vision, and values close to the work we do. Throughout the workshops, services, and events we offer, these three pillars are what bring motivation to the center. Check out our mission, vision, and value statements in more depth below.  



Our priority is to engage and educate every UTM student and recent graduate in the lifelong process of developing career management skills and building resilience to accomplish their career goals.



Inspire students to explore and build a career which aligns with their full potential.




Be Career Educators 
Career education entails empowering students and recent graduates to engage, reflect and articulate the process of their career development. We embody this value in the philosophy of teaching them to fish, supporting them to learn the skills they need for life.​

Responsive for Service Excellence
UTM CC is responsive to student needs, understanding the 
ongoing changes in the global and local labour market and post-secondary education and the unique  needs of our students and our community.​


Proactive and Innovative 
We proactively seek input with an approach of continual improvement and thoughtful innovation.  We are inspired and motivated to help students engage, reflect and articulate the process of their career development/ management.


Work in Partnership 
UTM CC is one partner in a community of career educators at UTM and U of T.  We believe that building relationships and collaborating with a wide range of industry partners, on and off campus colleagues, is the most effective way to create opportunities for UTM’s students’ career education. 

Promote Professionalism Staff reflect a wide range of skills, training, and knowledge to provide high quality programming & services.  This is achieved through commitment to ongoing learning and includes providing opportunity, training and growth for our student staff positions.  We demonstrate this daily with respectful and collaborative behaviour. We encourage students, via our example, to explore what professionalism means to them.

Committed to on-going assessment of our service quality and impact, communicating the results of that assessment and demonstrating alignment with degree level expectations, value for money, cost effectiveness, student fee stewardship. Our processes are transparent and clear. 


Belonging Through Inclusion
We are inclusive and celebrate diversity, particularly of our UTM campus.  We include these principles in our work and continuously develop cultural competencies so that all stakeholders can be their authentic selves, feel safe, welcome and accepted.