Resources for International Students

The International Education Centre can help students with issues such as:

  • Locating Citizenship and Immigration Canada websites for information related to immigration programs;
  • Referrals to Citizenship and Immigration Canada websites for immigration application forms;
  • Assistance finding an authorized immigration representative;
  • Questions related to your University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) coverage;
  • Information and support related to University of Toronto study abroad opportunities;
  • Accessing Service Canada resources, such as: Social Insurance Number (SIN), Individual Tax Number (ITN), etc.;
  • Cultural transition support;
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) conversation skill development;
  • And more.


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Important Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) News

International Students can face many challenges when looking for work in Canada. Despite the obstacles, obtaining employment can be a rewarding financial and personal experience. Please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for all the most up-to-date information!

What else can you do now to get ready for your job search?

Start preparing now. Work on your resume and cover letter, using our Toolkit or attend a Resume and Cover Letter Workshop. Continue to look for on-campus jobs and/or volunteer to develop the required skill sets and experience. Check out our monthly e-newsletter to see details on what is offered.

Additional Resources:


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