Choosing to Apply to a Consecutive or a Concurrent Program

  • Consecutive Program: Complete an undergraduate university degree, and then apply to a Teacher Education Program
  • Concurrent Program: Complete Education courses concurrently with Arts & Science courses. You usually receive a B.A./B.Ed. or B.Sc./B.Ed. at the same convocation. Currently, Lakehead, Nipissing, Windsor, York and Laurentian University offer concurrent programs. 
  • Graduate program: The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto focuses on providing graduate teacher education programs. Interested applicants can consider OISE/UT’s two graduate teacher education programs:

Each Faculty of Education also charges an additional mandatory supplementary/ faculty service fee (between $60 - $100). These fees amounts can be found in the TEAS Instruction booklet, and on the TEAS website 


Choosing a Level to Teach

Primary/Junior Level (Junior Kindergarten - Grade 6)

  • Applicants do not choose teaching subjects; subjects taught are determined by the curriculum (i.e., you do not need a 'teachable')
  • Applicants can be at an advantage if they have taken a variety of courses in English, Math, Science, Fine Arts, Social Science/Humanities (Canadian history/geography)*

Junior/Intermediate Level (Grades 4 - 10)

  • Applicants choose ONE teaching subject*

Intermediate/Senior Level (Grades 7 - 12)

  • Applicants choose TWO teaching subjects*

* Each Faculty of Education may have different admissions requirements, and some subjects may have more prerequisites than others, even at the primary/junior level. Refer to the admissions information for each Faculty you are interested in.

How to Apply

Apply online for Teaching programs in Ontario in the fall.

  • Please refer to TEAS for supplementary info you are required to submit.
  • The online application service fee allows you to apply to three choices of faculties of education (additional choices are possible for an extra fee per additional school). Each Faculty also charges an additional fee, usually between $50-$100*
  • Order transcripts by completing the “transcript request section” on TEAS.

* Refer to the admissions information for the university you are interested in applying to for supplementary fees and forms.

Recommended Experience

  • Gain classroom experience with groups of learners in the grade which you intend to teach, and the subject areas which you intend to teach.
  • Obtain experience in a diversity of settings that relate to teaching (e.g., teacher’s aid, coaching sports/athletics, literacy program instruction, special needs work in schools, instructor of a second language program).
  • In your second last year of university, try to arrange a year-long volunteer experience. Keep a log or diary of your teaching-related experiences, which will help you to reflect on your insights regarding teaching and learning. The reflection logs will help you to complete the experience profile forms required when submitting your application.

Teach in Ontario with International Degree

In Ontario, you must be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers to teach in this province’s publicly funded schools.

If you obtained your education internationally, visit learn how to become an Ontario Certified Teacher.

Alternatively, if you’re certified to teach in a Canadian province or territory other than Ontario, you can learn about the requirements for transferring to Ontario here.


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