Conduct An Effective Academic Job Search

Maximize your search for an academic position by developing effective job search skills and compelling job search documents for this competitive field. 

This section includes:                                                                         

  • An overview of the academic job search process and links to job search resources such as manuals and video series 

  • Information on creating a strong CV and cover letter 

  • Materials on getting references and using dossier services  

  • Resources to prepare for academic interviews 

  • Tips on accepting a position  

Overview of Academic Job Search 


Academic Cover Letters 

Academic References and Dossiers 

This section contains information on how to secure faculty/chair references when applying for academic-related work. Also, see previous sections on working with your supervisors and networking as references are based on relationship-building over the course of your graduate studies. 

A dossier typically includes confidential materials such as letters of references and copies of transcripts, however, other ‘non-confidential’ material may also be required to augment your application package. Each school will have different requirements for their applications. Some will ask for a teaching dossier, which is a set of documents summarizing your teaching experiences and instructional accomplishments. Some institutions may ask for a research prospectus or a research dossier. If it is unclear what the search committee requires, ask your faculty mentors and referees or seek clarification with the search committee contact. 


Academic Interviews 

Accepting an Offer 

Non-Academic Job Search