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The Career Centre is here to work with you to provide opportunities for your students to engage in career work both in and out of the classroom. Our Career Educators provide tailored learning opportunities for students to explore careers which can lead to students’ greater sense of purpose and direction and can be instrumental in their success and retention

Support the UTM CC Provides 

You may have students ask you about their career goals, what program they should study, their career alternatives, or how to gain work experience during their studies. If you see an opportunity to integrate career work into your course objectives, the Career Centre can support you with tailored programming and resources designed for your students.    


In-class Workshops 

Career Resources 


Individual Appointments 

Examples of Previous Partnerships

Work-Study Support


In-class workshops

We offer a range of workshops that can be offered in class; with enough lead time, we can tailor the session to the needs of your students. All of our workshops are interactive and concentrate on learning and applying techniques and information. Examples include: 

  • Self-assessment: students learn how to assess their skills, interests, values, and personality and how to relate these to career options 
  • The Story of You: the stories we incorporate about ourselves influence our future directions; this session helps students examine these stories and how they do or do not want to use them 
  • Exploring Careers: we cover the strategies for learning more about careers, such as job shadowing, information interviewing and reliable career and labour market information research 
  • Resumes and Cover Letters: help your students build an effective resume and cover letter 
  • Learn to Network: building these key skills helps students establish contacts they need for their career 
  • LinkedIn: students learn how to build a strong profile and use this platform to expand their network 
  • Interviews: being successful in interviews takes preparation and practice. We discuss a framework to use in responding to interview questions and provide time for students to practice.


Career Resources

We offer a diverse collection of resources, both paper and electronic. These include our Tip Sheets, our Career Resource Library, sections of our website e.g., Further Education



The Career Centre offers a variety of events, including Fairs, Networking Events, Panels and Career Chats. We cultivate partnerships with academic departments and related student groups and invite their collaboration in these events to bring professionals and employers together with UTM students. For more information, see our Events page.


Individual appointments

Our career counsellors and employment strategists are available for appointments to work with students as part of a package with an in-class workshop, or alone. 

Example of Previous Partnerships

We offer in-class workshops that support students as they prepare for career decision making, networking and searching for work such as the job search preparation and professionalism workshops offered to the third-year Business Chinese class.

We support internship courses such as the Biology, Geography & Environment or Economics Internship courses. This has included workshops such as career options, further education options, resume and cover letter, effective interviews, networking and how to stand out and succeed in the workplace. Some of these workshops have been delivered in class, while others are referrals to regularly scheduled Career Centre workshops that may fit into student’s schedules to allow for greater flexibility. 

Networking events or career panel discussions that involve multiple academic department partners in related disciplines: for example, the Social Sciences and Humanities Networking Night. This event has been supported by related academic departments and associated student groups. 

We’d be pleased to talk about the various way the Career Centre can partner with you to support your students. Please contact April Forbes at april.forbes@utoronto.ca

Work-Study Support

Work-Study Support is offered by the Career Centre for Faculty and Staff who hire Work-Study students. Read more about Work-Study Information for Faculty and Staff and Work-Study Information for Students