Program Plans have been updated for 2023-2024

All 2023-24 Program Plans will be updated soon. For more information visit the Undergraduate Programs and Departments

Anthropology (HBA) - major New
Anthropology (HBSc) - major New
Art & Art History (HBA) - major New
Art History (HBA) - major New
Astronomical Sciences (HBSc) - specialist New
Biological Chemistry (HBSc) - specialist New
Biology (HBSc) - major Coming Soon!
Biology for Health Sciences (HBSc) - major Coming Soon!
Biophysics (HBSc) - specialist New (formerly Biomedical Physics)
Biomedical Communications (HBSc) - minor Coming Soon!
Biotechnology (HBSc)– specialist Coming Soon!

Canadian Studies (HBA) New
Chemistry (HBSc) - major New
Chinese Language and Culture (HBA)- minor New
Cinema Studies (HBA) – major New
Classical Civilization (HBA) – major Coming Soon!
Commerce (BCom) - specialist New
Commerce (HBA) - major New
Commerce: Accounting (BCom) - specialist  New
Commerce: Finance (BCom) - specialist New
Commerce: Marketing (BCom) - specialist New
Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (HBA) – major Coming Soon! 
Comparative physiology (HBSc) - specialist Coming Soon!
Computer Science (HBSc)  - major New
Criminology, Law & Society (HBA) - major New
Diaspora & Transnational Studies (HBA) – major Coming Soon!
Digital Enterprise Management (HBA) – specialist  Coming Soon!

Earth Science (HBSc) - major New 
Ecology and evolution (HBSc) - specialist  Coming Soon! 
Economics (HBA) - major Coming Soon!
Education Studies (HBA) - minor New 
English (HBA) - major New 
Environmental Management (HBA) - major Coming Soon!
Environmental Science (HBSc) - major Coming Soon!
Exceptionality in Human Learning (HBSc) - specialist Coming Soon!
Financial Economics (HBSc) – specialist Coming Soon!
Forensic Science (HBSc) - major New 
Forensic Science Anthropology (HBSc) – specialist New 
Forensic Science Biology (HBSc) - specialist New 
Forensic Science Chemistry (HBSc) - specialist New 
Forensic Science Psychology (HBSc) - specialist New 
French (HBA) - major New 
Game Studies (HBA) -minor New 
Geographical Information Systems (HBSc) - major Coming soon! 
Geography (HBA) - major Coming Soon!
Geography (HBSc) - major Coming Soon!

History (HBA) - major Coming Soon!
History of Religions (HBA) - major Coming Soon!
Human Resource Management (BBA) - specialist New
Information Security (HBSc) - specialist New
International Affairs (HBA) – specialist Coming Soon!
Italian (HBA) - major New
Language, Teaching and Learning: French (HBA) - major New
Language, Teaching and Learning: French and Italian (HBA) - specialist Coming Soon!
Language, Teaching and Learning: Italian (HBA) - major Coming Soon!
Latin American and Caribbean Studies (HBA) - minor Coming Soon!
Linguistics (HBA) – major New
Management (BBA) - specialist New
Management (HBA, HBSc) - major New
Mathematical Sciences (HBSc) - major New
Molecular biology (HBSc) - specialist Coming Soon!
Neuroscience (HBSc) - specialist Coming Soon!

Paleontology (HBSc) - major Coming Soon!
Philosophy (HBA) - major Coming Soon!
Physics (HBSc) – major New
Political Science (HBA) - major New
Professional Writing and Communications (HBA) - major Coming Soon!
Psychology (HBSc) Coming Soon!
Sociology (HBA) - major New
South Asian Humanities (HBA) - minor Coming Soon!
Statistics, Applied (HBSc) - specialist New
Technology, Coding & Society (HBA) Coming Soon!
Theatre and Drama Studies (HBA) – specialist New
Visual Culture & Communication (HBA) - specialist New
Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies (HBA) - major Coming Soon!

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