Academic Accommodations Letters for Instructors

Instructors need advance notice in order to make arrangements for accommodations. Accessibility Services will send your instructors a copy of the 'request for academic accommodation letter' as we have in the past, however, it is also recommended that you meet with each of your instructors during their office hours to introduce yourself and discuss your accommodations for the course. We encourage you to meet during your instructor's office hours to provide ample opportunity to discuss your needs and to ensure privacy.

Your letters (one for each instructor) are available for you to view or print from your AIMS account.

When meeting with your instructors, be prepared to briefly explain how your disability may affect course participation, if applicable. Where required, develop a plan for accommodations (e.g., how to obtain the reading list; permission to audio-record lecture; if the disability affects oral presentations, what alternative can be arranged; if FM System will need to be used in lectures, etc.).

Instructors are requested not to ask about the nature of the disability, however it is important to decide ahead of time how you would respond to questions you would find uncomfortable to answer.

**If you are not comfortable approaching your instructor please feel free to speak with your Accessibility Advisor.