AIMS for Students

Accessibility Information Management System for Students

AIMS Login

For more information about AIMS, please refer to the Accessibility Student Handbook

2019-20 Accessibility Student Handbook (Microsoft Word Document)

2019-20 Accessibility Student Handbook (Acrobat PDF File)


Self-Renewal Module

Transcript for Self-Renewal (Acrobat PDF File)
Transcript for Self-Renewal (Microsoft Word Document)


Test Scheduling Module

Transcript for Scheduling Tests (Acrobat PDF File)
Transcript for Scheduling Tests (Microsoft Word Document)


Final Exam Scheduling Module

Transcript for Scheduling Final Exams (Acrobat PDF File)
Transcript for Scheduling Final Exams (Microsoft Word Document)


Note-taking Request Module

Transcript for Submitting Note-taking Requests (Acrobat PDF File)
Transcript for Submitting Note-taking Requests (Microsoft Word Document)